Commvault Integration with SAP Landscape Management

Commvault has created an integration with SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) to perform database backup and refresh operations. Supported databases include SAP HANA, Oracle and IBM DB2.


From SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) you can

  • integrate Commvault database copy operations into LaMa database refresh workflows
  • initiate ad-hoc database backups via LaMa operations view
  • insert database backup operations as steps into LaMa custom processes
  • bring up Commvault Command Center GUI for job monitoring, backup configuration as well as running ad-hoc backups and restores

Commvault’s integration with LaMa allows to leverage existing backups and snapshots for achieving fully automated SAP System Refreshes, safeguard complex and critical custom processes, monitor data protection activity and run spontaneous backups and restores whenever needed.

Figure 1: Example of automated SAP System Refresh (Source: Commvault)

Figure 2: Commvault and LaMa integration in public cloud (Source: Commvault)

Further information

There are many videos available on YouTube and on Commvault's web page. Detailed documentation can be found on their web page as well.