SAP Partner Integrations with SAP Landscape Management

SAP Landscape Management provides three main integration points for SAP partner technologies:

Virtualization and Cloud

Allows the integration of LaMa into a Cloud or Virtualization management infrastructure. This gives LaMa the visibility and access to the underlying infrastructure and the ability to manage, migrate, visualize and perform VM-based clones.


LaMa can be integrated into shared/centralized storage management infrastructure so that adaptively installed SAP systems can be relocated and be able to perform storage-based clones. Note that storage-based clone refers to the use of the storage subsystem technology capabilities to perform storage level replication and/or snapshots.

LaMa also offers custom clone/provisioning function to easily integrate customer scripts that can perform the data replication step within the LaMa End-to-End process. This can be leveraged where an integration is not currently provided for example a storage system that is not listed on this page or the use of backup/restore infrastructure.

Management/Orchestration (“External Interfaces”)

Other generic higher-level Management/Orchestration tools can be integrated such that they trigger LaMa to perform operations against SAP landscapes.

Below is a high-level summary of what SAP Partners are supporting with SAP Landscape Management. For the official, detailed documentation of these SAP Partner integrations, please see the sections below and follow the links.

Management/Orchestration (“External Interfaces”)


Pacemaker Cluster Integration