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Get a fully managed runtime based on Kyma and Kubernetes

Learn more about SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, benefits, and how to get it.

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SAP BTP, Kyma runtime: How to get started

Learn how to get started with SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.

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Become an Early Adopter of SAP BTP Kyma runtime

Learn how to become part of the Early Adopter Program at no additional cost.

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Kyma runtime now available for partners to test, demo & develop

SAP BTP, Kyma runtime is available via SAP PartnerEdge as a license to test & demo and develop.

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Deep dive

What is SAP BTP, Kyma runtime?

SAP BTP, Kyma runtime aka SKR is a fully managed Kubernetes-based runtime that allows partners and customers to build extensions by using both microservice and serverless functions. It expands SAP BTP capabilities to better accommodate cloud-native developer persona while supporting their development environments of choice. Available through Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreements (CPEA), Kyma runtime gives organizations the ability to develop SAP application extensions with their cloud-native developers. The runtime can be conveniently configured and managed by the Central Management Plane which provides out-of-the-box connectivity to S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customers. In case you have questions or need support, contact our PMs:

Stanimir IvanovMarco Dorn

What is Kyma Open Source?

Kyma /kee-ma/ is a platform for extending applications with microservices and serverless Functions. It provides CLI and UI through which you can connect your application to a Kubernetes cluster. You can also expose the application's API or events securely thanks to the built-in Application Connector. You can then implement the business logic you require by creating microservices or serverless Functions. Trigger them to react to particular events or calls to your application's API. You want to join Kyma open source community? Explore below how to get involved, contribute to Kyma code and documentation, and stay in touch with the latest Kyma news.

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