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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) is a complete automation suite where software robots mimic humans by replacing manual steps to automate definable and repeatable business processes across LoBs. With the low-code/no-code approach, expert developers, citizen developers and business process experts, can easily build bots that augment human tasks and automate processes to save time, costs and reduce human errors in business operations.

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SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0

The next level automation experience is here! SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 has arrived to take companies into a path to hyperautomation. In this new experience citizen developers are empowered with low-code/no-code bot building in the cloud. Discover everything about the release in the resources below, and join us in the future of automation, starting now!

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Trial Version

Start your bot building journey with your own scenarios in the trial version. Follow the links to learn more and create your trial account. Enjoy creating your own RPA bots in your own IT landscape!

Try nowTrial DocumentationRead the blog post, Join the future of automation!!

SAP RPA @ TechEd 2020

SAP TechEd 2020 offered over 20 sessions about RPA including hands-on workshops, lectures and Q&As. It was also the stage for the launch of SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0. With the links below you can access the on-demand content as well as all news regarding the 2.0 release.

"SAP TechEd 2020 is a wrap" for on-demand contentSAP Empowers Developers with Low-Code/No-Code Tools and Further Enhancements to SAP Business Technology PlatformSAP TechEd - SAP News Guide 2020SAP Ruum on-demand sessions

Use Cases

Curious about the possibilities SAP Intelligent RPA offers? Explore potential uses and discover more about this technology.

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