Cloud Robotics for SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Cloud robotics at SAP makes integrating robots as easy as plug and play. A new class of human-safe, collaborative robots is available from hundreds of low-cost vendors, yet challenges remain around the software stack and system integration. With cloud robotics, users of the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application can quickly integrate almost any warehouse robot. Think of hours and days rather than weeks and months. The solution scales ad hoc and allows running heterogeneous fleets using the same software stack. It integrates a new generation of collaborative robots with SAP EWM, quickly and easily, making warehouse automation affordable and simple.

Agile robotics made easy

  • Set up and scale more easily – add another robot on the fly to meet peak demand
  • Avoid vendor lock-in – work with most transportation robots for warehouses, which dramatically reduces  needs for expensive integration projects
  • Run heterogeneous fleets – no extra integration effort  

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Cloud robotics makes your SAP Extended Warehouse Management application even more valuable

  • Ready to run with out-of-the-box EWM scenarios
  • Simplified security and IT governance
  • Low-cost, easier entry into warehouse robotics as the add-on comes as open-source

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A low-cost entry into robotics

  • Add new robots ad hoc
  • Have different robots performing different tasks   

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Cloud robotics for e-commerce

Addressing challenges in e-commerce

  • Shortage of labor and rising salaries that increase demand for automation
  • Robot-enabled dark store operations
  • Online orders that can be picked up in a store using a robot

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Cloud robotics for retail smart store

Transforming retail store operations

  • Efficient store operations that reduce cost
  • AI-vision-enabled robots that identify empty shelves, as well as misplaced and mislabeled items
  • Pick-up service that allows clients to collect their online orders in the store

What you need to get started with cloud robotics at SAP

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Cloud Platform, and a cloud connector as part of the SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity service
  • Free cloud robotics add-on
  • SAP Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Robotics
  • Robotics hardware as needed, such as a warehouse robot, carts, docks, and more

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