SAP Enterprise Threat Detection Content Packages

SAP delivers packages with predefined patterns, with which you can just connect your SAP systems and simply detect attacks with in SAP Enterprise Threat Detection. You can still configure the alerts to tune them for your specific situation. Our newest addition to keep your rate of false positives low, is our new content delivery. We deliver you updates and newest content for immediate use. You can benefit from those new updates safety-related, because of your decision to install them.

Content Packages

Due to always new attacks and attack variants, we keep creating new patterns to always be up-to-date. Patterns can be based on security notes, customer use cases, internal Security Department SAP, internal Security Development and own research, by browsing through data as part of a forensic investigation. Thereby we can assure to always deliver new content and updates. You may also uncover attacks not shown in the patterns. In this case you can convert the results of the investigation into new attack detection pattern and store these for reuse in automated monitoring.