SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection helps you to prevent security breaches and gives insight into suspicious activities in your SAP software-centric landscape. It enables you to identify the real attacks as they are happening and analyze the threats quickly enough to neutralize them before serious damage occurs.

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How to mitigate or eliminate audit relevant risks?

When auditing an SAP application, compensation audits are usually time-consuming and still based on manual work.

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Efficiently analyze and correlate SAP application logs!

The survival of your business can dependon a well-founded decision made in seconds. Keep watch over your critical business data.

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How to strengthen security and meet unique business needs!

Cyberattacks on systems that hold valuable and sensitive data, such as SAP systems, continue to rise at a significant rate.

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Kick-start your cloud project – within a few hours!

Use the Cloud Appliance Library for a quick and easy way to experience the solution in the cloud.

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