SAP Emarsys Product Updates

Follow the ongoing development and feature updates of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

2022 Q3 Updates

**August '22 Updates**


  • New Program Reporting
    The new, unified Program Reporting page is now available for Automation programs. Learn more.

SAP Commerce Cloud integration

  • Matching contacts by email
    From now on, you can match your contacts by email as well when synchronizing your customers between SAP CCv2 and Emarsys. Learn more.

Visual Content Editor

  • Product Search add-on
    The VCE Product Search add-on enables you to search and insert product information from your product data to your block-based email template. Learn more.

The Emarsys Summer '22 Release

The Emarsys Summer '22 Release arrived on July 20th, packed with new updates to Web Channel, Mobile Engage, Analytics & Reporting (including new event attribution and conversion reporting) and Interactions, among others.
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Here's a brief list of the main features, with links to short training videos and the documentation.

Automations & Interactions

We have made a number of changes to Interactions programs, mostly bringing the functionality and user experience closer to that of Automation Center programs. Highlights include:

You can get an overview of all the recent changes to Automations with these helpful overview video:

Email Launches

  • Email Campaign Launch Monitoring
    A new tab on the Email Analysis page gives you up-to-the-minute details of how a campaign is progressing after you launch it. For larger campaigns this means you can see exactly when the emails are generated and when they are sent, giving you a good idea of when to expect responses to start coming in.
    Read the documentation

Conversion Attribution

Mobile Engage

  • Campaign throttling
    To prevent large volumes of messages overwhelming backend systems, you can now set the messages to be sent in batches to ensure a smooth delivery.
    This feature is also available in Web Push!
    Read the documentation
  • Export campaign data
    You can now export all your Mobile Engage campaigns in a specified time period, or all the responses to single campaigns, in .csv format with the push of a button.
    Read the documentation
  • Segment by mobile event attributes
    You can filter contacts by custom event attributes received from your mobile app.
    Read the documentation

We have prepared a short training video covering all these topics.

Web Channel

2022 Q2 Updates

**June '22 Updates**

Automation Center

  • Advanced Participation Settings will be deprecated
    All programs using advanced participation settings will be deleted on January 2, 2023.
    Read the documentation


  • Segment by links clicked
    You can now create segments by contacts who clicked a link in an SMS message.

Web Channel

  • Indefinite campaign lifetime
    You can set no end date for all Web Channel campaigns.
  • Improved error handling
    We now give instant feedback if any of the input fields are incorrectly filled.

**May '22 Updates**


  • Operational data fieldsOperational data fields are now available within the Webhook node. You can now decide which of these data fields you would like to add to your Webhook payload request. Read the documentation
  • Interactions - Pause and FailsafeThese two statuses are now available in Interactions.Read the documentation
  • Interactions - Loyalty trigger nodeThis node is now also available in Interactions.Read the documentation

Web Push

  • Cancel campaignYou can now stop a campaign while it is being sent and the unsent messages will be marked as Cancelled. Read the documentation

Email templates

  • Recover deleted templatesYou can now undelete templates directly from the interface.

**April '22 Updates**


Two updates to our Loyalty feature:

  • Loyalty Referral ReportingYou will be able to visualize even more data regarding the efficiency of your Loyalty referrals. Read the documentation.
  • Create new members in the platformYou can now create new loyalty members via the platform UI without the need to use the API. Read the documentation.

Web Channel

We’ve continued to work on making Web Channel self-service by allowing you to delete domains on your own.

We’ve also taken advantage of the Resource Usage Service to make sure nothing can break: only domains with Deleted or Completed campaigns can be removed.As Web Channel now works with no added domains, our next step is to remove adding domains from the onboarding steps, you can expect an update in the next few weeks.

Product Catalog testing

A new testing feature has been released. From now on, you can test Product Catalog Updates programs by using the Only Test Contacts, Sent Manually option.

The Emarsys Spring '22 Release

Some of the functionality groups have been described in depth in blogs so watch out for the links and click through for more details, including screenshots.

Release Trainings & Webinars

We have held product trainings and marketing webinars for this release, which explain not only how the features work but also how you can best use them to upscale and improve your marketing activities. 

Watch the trainings on demand:

Watch the webinars on demand:


Email Apple privacy opens

  • Building on the changes brought about by the Apple iOS15 update last year, we are flagging the 'false' privacy opens generated by Apple's native Mail apps in the email reporting screen. You can also choose to include or exclude them in your behavioral segments.
    Read the documentation

Store Reporting

  • Retail customers can view and compare top-level e-commerce metric with their physical stores.
    Read the documentation

Event attribution & Goal reporting

  • We recognize that purchases are not the only successful customer interaction for many of our customers, so you can now measure the impact of your campaigns on other events such as a product back in stock sign up, user activation or even playing a video. These conversions can then be seen in the Goal Reporting screen. 

    These features are on limited release - if you are interested please speak to your Success Manager, and see below for how to sign up to our Product Pioneers and Influencers programs.

    Read the documentation (requires a login):


The Automation Center has arguable been the winner of this release, with a number of updates that came directly from our customers.

Program testing

We know that activating a program can be a scary move – will customers progress along the right paths as expected, will the right messages be delivered to the right contacts? We have beefed up our program testing with more consistency across all program types (recurring, batch, transactional, including Interactions) and added a bunch of new features including: 

  • Temporary program settings with skipping channel nodes and wait nodes
  • Ignore participation settings and exit criteria
  • Directly configure a test payload for an external event to test content, for example (interactions only for now).
  • Recurring programs can be triggered at will, you don’t have to wait for the schedule.
  • The program reflects the node status during testing
  • You can manually push test contacts through the program – you no longer need a test segment

    Read the documentation

Participation checks

  • You will now be able to define Participation Check nodes for individual paths in your automated programs, and make these nodes available in other programs as well, for increased control over your customer journeys and message frequency.
    Read the documentation

Webhook node

  • This new node can be connected to an external system using a POST request, and the program could then send contact data out from the program to an external system to trigger interactions outside Emarsys. This opens up the AC to many new use cases. Not to be confused with External Content, where you can pull information from external systems. Here you push data to external systems for your marketing purposes (e.g. direct mail).There are also dozens of icons to pick from to illustrate your use cases. 
    Read the documentation

Flexible program creation and editing

We’ve made many small improvements to the program experience, including: 

  • Flexible editing in every program status
  • Multiple node movement and deletion
  • Comment function in programs, including an @username function for better collaboration

    Read the documentation:

5 new Consumer Product Tactics

We have released 5 new Tactics around consumer product use cases. You can read more about them in this blog, but here’s a summary: 

  • Merchandised cross-sell
    So you can follow up on a purchase with a cross-promotion of products
  • Quality trade-up
    So you can remind your customers to try a more advanced version of the products that they regularly buy
  • Warranty cross-sell
    So you can follow-up on a purchase with a complementary service such as insurance or warranty
  • Warranty expiration
    To notify your customers that their warranty will soon run out
  • Product registration
    So your customers can register a product they bought and grow their brand loyalty


Parent/Child catalog handling in Predict 

  • The feature allows Predict and Web Extend to differentiate between item groups and individual items and match them to provide better recommendation results.
    For example, if a shopper viewed the same Red T-shirt in sizes S and M, the recommendation logic considered both as individual items (and could therefore recommend the same item in both sizes). With the parent/child feature, only their group (red t-shirt) matters in recommendations. 
    Read the documentation


4.1 Email

We have two small but exciting improvements to our Email channel. 

Email - Apple privacy segmentation

  • You can choose to include or exclude the Apple privacy opens in your Email behavior filters. 
    Read the documentation

Email – engagement reporting

  • This new reporting screen groups your launch list by the level of their engagement In this way you can match your strategy to the cohort – for example target your long-term inactive customers on another channel. 
    Read the documentation

    We’ve also written a short blog with a description of how to filter for these cohorts and target them individually.
    Read the blog

4.2 Web Channel

Web Channel has received a number of enhancements: 

Self-service domain management

The latest Personalization Service now supported

  • Web Channel now enjoys all the features of our advanced Personalization Service, including drag & drop tokens, Loyalty tokens, and a faster refresh for recommendations.If you are using tokens already, you only need to replace them and they will use the new service.
    Read the documentation

Performance enhancements

  • Web Channel segments are processed faster and Web Channel messages can be pre-personalized in AC program for faster sending times.

4.3 Mobile Engage

Huawei Mobile Services 

  • We have integrations Huawei Mobile Services to Mobile Engage so that newer Huawei devices can also be sent to. 
    Read the documentation

Flutter support for Predict 

  • Additionally, we now support Predict functionality on the Flutter wrapper, as already supported on the native SDK's.
    Read the documentation

Export campaign data 

  • If you are copying your Mobile Engage data to compare it outside Emarsys, you can now export it in .csv format for easier management.This is on limited release so please speak to your Success Manager if you are interested. 
    Read the documentation

Configurable anonymous contacts 

  •  When adding a new app to your account, you can decide what to do with contact records before they have created an account and identified themselves. If you decide to disable anonymous contact creation, you will not keep these contact records until they have created a profile in your app, saving you database space and costs. 
    Read the documentation

4.4 SMS

And finally, two small updates here. 

Self-service onboarding

  • You can negotiate your own contracts with vendors and bring them in to your Emarsys account.
    Read the documentation

MMS messages

  • These are now available for customers using Sinch as their vendor, in the regions where it is supported (US/Canada/Australia).
    Read the documentation


Our Loyalty team has also been hard at work - as always!

If you use Loyalty, or are interested in knowing more about it, I suggest that you follow our resident expert on this topic, Bernhard Feldmann.

Enhanced Loyalty Voucher Management

The loyalty voucher management, which serves as a voucher distribution system, has been upgraded with new elements that maximize flexibility and enable support for new multiple use cases. The significant update is the separation of pool types and the addition of a new pool that allows marketers to attach vouchers for free directly to the Loyalty wallet. 
Read the documentation

Enhanced exclusive access

  • We have added more flexibility in this feature, including permanent vs limited exclusivity
    Read the documentation

Voucher codes via email

  • When a member redeems a voucher for points you can now trigger an event and send the voucher code via email (so it is available offline)
    Read the documentation

New events – cancel membership

Cashback option for spend-based plans


Shopify Plug-in

  • The Emarsys Shopify plugin now syncs SMS opt-in both ways. This means that you can use STOP keywords in Emarsys campaigns, for example, and the opt-out will be synced immediately to Shopify.

    Read the documentation


Resource Usage Service (RUS)


Both Datagrid and the VCE can now be fully controlled via keyboard navigation.

About the Emarsys Release Strategy

The Emarsys release strategy explained

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