SAP Emarsys Product Updates

Follow the ongoing development and feature updates of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

The Emarsys Autumn 2021 Release is live!

The new features have been released! You can read up on them here:

Release webinars

We also ran two webinars to introduce the features. These are still available to view on demand:

Release trainings

We have two training sessions planned for November to go into these features in more detail:

Release FAQs

Here are some questions that have come in regarding the new functionality.

If you have any questions of your own, please post them on the community. and we will do our best to answer them as fast as possible. We will also add the answers to this page.

Loyalty Refer a Friend

Is the GDPR compliant?


After the Loyalty member sends an incentive link to their friend, the friend's email address is only used to validate their incentive and is stored for 30 days to prevent repeated (fraudulent) use. This is all explained in the Terms & Conditions, which the friend must accept before they can enter the incentive program. After 30 days the friend's record is deleted, if they have not since opted in through any regular channels.

Web Push

Does it work on any browser for iOS devices?


Mobile Web Push is not available on iOS devices - only desktop such as on Mac. You also require an APNS token for the Safari Browser compared to a VAPID key for all other major browsers.

Can the marketer delay the message to request permission?

There is some control for the marketer. 

Some browsers also require some form of click or action for the message to be displayed. We would even recommend delaying this message until a significant event happens or you can articulate value, which is why we will look into Web Push Priming use cases (watch this page, but no promises though!).


Is Geofencing impacted by the recent iOS 15 update?

The only impact we forsee is with focus modes.

If the client isn’t an approved app to break through the focus, the message may be delayed until the focus mode is over. 


Is MMS available with all SMS providers and regions?

No, not yet.

Currently this is only supported with Sinch and in the regions of US, Canada & Australia.

SAP Commerce Cloud Integration

Can I use a previous SAP CC version, such as 2011?


This integration is limited to the most recent version - 2105. You must have updated to 2105, implementation with older version (even the previous 2011) is technically impossible.

Store Reporting

How is this different to what we had before?

This is an in-house solution rather than what we had previously, which was using Good Data. It is still stage 1 for our retail customers. If you have any feedback, please share it with us.

Huawei Mobile Services Integration

Does this impact all Mobile Channels and all Huawei devices?

No, just Push and new Huawei products.

Google does not allow Huawei access to its version of Android and the related services so the newest Huawei devices can not receive push messages from Google Firebase at all, meaning these users can not be reached by push messages from Emarsys.