SAP Digital Supplier Network

SAP Digital Supplier Network is the supplier portal for SAP ERP customers—enabling them to seamlessly connect to the world's largest business network. Once connected, customers can send purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notices, goods receipts, invoices, payment status, and more. This page provides best practices to our partners and customers on deploying this solution quickly and efficiently.

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DSN Partner Manual

The DSN partner manual serves as a conceptual quick start guide to aid a partner in a DSN deployment. This covers the key topics that a partner needs to be aware of on a DSN deployment.

Partner Manual - Overview VideoPartner Manual

Deployment Overview

Please watch this short video to get a holistic understanding on what to expect in your SAP Digital Supplier Network Deployment.

Getting StartedProject Plan

DSN Payments and Financing

SAP financial ecosystem partners deliver flexible working capital solutions and payment efficiency for our buyer and supplier customers all through the Digital Supplier Network.

Payments and Financing Playbook

Supplier Adoption

Find tools and resources to help your company establish a successful supplier enablement strategy.

Supplier Enablement Toolkit

Deployment Playbook


In this step, you finalize plans and assign the project team so you can start the project optimally.

Project Team; Goals and ScopeTechnical ChecklistIT Security Clearance , SAP access / Installation PrepSupplier Matching on AN


During explore, you will make the initial technical handshake between ERP & Supplier Network, while analyzing layouts to transaction documents in scope.

System Installation and ReadinessDesign Workshops


The "Realize"-phase focuses on the transfer of business requirements to a working configuration of the system and testing the configured system.

Customizations/ExtensionsUser Acceptance Testing


During deploy , you will migrate into production and start transacting digitally with your suppliers.

Production SetupSAP Help Portal