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Experience our latest live process content packages for SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management and accelerate your transformation projects with pre-built templates. Today we present Maintain Purchase Info Record in SAP ERP

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Welcome to the community page for Digital Process Automation within SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite. Please find here interesting information, blogs, Q&A, get in touch with experts and much more. Explore everything around Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management - a cloud service offering to digitize workflows, automate business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility.

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Getting started with Workflow in SAP Business Application Studio

SAP Business Application Studio is the next-generation SAP Web IDE, available on SAP’s multi-cloud environment (Cloud Foundry). With Application Studio, you no longer need a Neo account to develop for Cloud Foundry.

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Compendium of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management Missions

Missions are ready-to-run projects containing tools, content and customizable options. Missions are supported by mission experts to help your journey along the way. Start now your missions with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management

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Enable offline access to workflow tasks using SAP Mobile Cards

Learn how to access your workflow tasks on SAP Mobile Cards using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management APIs, and most significantly, perform actions on them from your mobile device, on the go.

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Setting up task delegation for SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Learn how to use My Inbox to create substitution rules to manage your tasks in your absence. The substitution rules can be created for planned and unplanned absences.

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