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Digital Process Automation

Welcome to the community page for Digital Process Automation within SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite. Please find here interesting information, blogs, Q&A, get in touch with experts and much more. Explore everything around Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management - a cloud service offering to digitize workflows, automate business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility.

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Webinar Series - Digital Process Automation

The new normal poses challenges for the business processes in many companies. It magnifies inefficiencies. Calls for flexible adjustments to rapidly changing realities. Or simply requires automation of previously manual process steps and tasks. Digital process automation helps you to increase the level and quality of automation beyond pre-built processes in standard applications.

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Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management - the next chapter of BPM

We want you to amplify your digital process automation journeys with an improved and simple experience and also be able to focus on flexible adoption and extension of business processes based on changing business needs. Therefore, we are releasing SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management, as part of Digital Process Automation in SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite.

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Flexibility and Transparency in Purchase Requisition Approval Process with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management

In this global crisis every customer looking for optimization of their purchasing in a flexible and transparent way. Purchasing departments are looking for transparency in their purchase requisition approval process. SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management offers out of the box Purchase Requisition Approval and Release process content.

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The synergy & integration between workflows and bots

Breaking the silos in any business and achieving a ‘true’ digital transformation is not an overnight process. Some tools help the organizations with it and are core part of the digital transformation strategies and to increase workforce productivity & efficiency. Learn how to integrate workflows with bots.

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