SAP Digital Manufacturing FAQ

Review Frequently asked questions and answers as it pertains to administrative, integration, technical, functional, and industry usage of the Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution.

Cloud Operations

Is SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud a public and/or private cloud solution?

As of 2108, DMC is deployed to public cloud.  

What is the DMC onboarding process?

Please refer to the guide here

What data centers support SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

The data center list may be found in the Supported Data Centers help page.

What is the SAP Release Strategy for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

As of 2021, SAP Digital Manufacturing cloud is on a quarterly release schedule.

The SAP Cloud Availability Center identifies the Maintenance and Upgrade Windows.  Search for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud at this link.

How are specific SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud updates communicated to its user community?

SAP has launched the Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) application, which allows you to add, customize, and manage subscriptions to Cloud Availability Center (CAC) notifications. 

Using this tool, you can remain informed and receive timely updates regarding your SAP cloud services, including but not limited to planned and unplanned downtimes​

You can access Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) here.

    Where can the SAP DMC Support Level Agreement be found?

    1. The Service Level Agreement may be found under SAP Trust Center.
    2. Under Trust Center, follow Agreements -> Cloud Services Agreements.
    3. Under Cloud Services Agreements, follow Cloud Service Description -> Service Level Agreement.
    4. Find documents for Service Level Agreement for SAP Cloud Services and choose one suitable for your language (english).

    How is the customer notified when their system (tenant) is being upgraded to a new version?

    Customers receive notifications from Cloud System Notification Subscriptions tool. To get them they need to subscribe here.

    To receive SAP DMC release deployment/scheduled and unscheduled maintenance notifications and updates, we need some actions from your side:

    Access Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) here and make yourself familiar with the interface. Check the following source for more information on CSNS: Support Portal

    Follow the video instructions found under Cloud System Notification Subscriptions and subscribe to appropriate notifications. 

    § Cloud Product Name is:  SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

    § Required notification types that should be checked are:

    1. Customer Communication

    2. Disruption/Degradation




    §Intermediate RCA

    §Final RCA

    3. Maintenance





    How many days before the new version is installed, does the customer get the notification?

    According to the Service Level Agreement for SAP Cloud Services, we notify customers at least five (5) business days in advance (see point 1.3) for both Quality and Production deployments.

    What details of the new version will the customer see in the notification? Will the get the scope of "What's New" changes , or do they need to test the entire DMC system in 5 days?

    Before every release SAP sends "What’s New" information and Release Information Note to customers. Starting 2111 SAP send sthis information three (3) weeks before Production deployment and one (1) week before Quality release. That should help customers to understand what comes as new functionality and which areas affected, delivery information about Manual changes, Incompatible changes and other important details. This information is sent via email with quality deployment announcement and production deployment announcement emails. And repeated after every deployment in the email notification.

    What is the date SAP will update our DEV,QAS,PRD, will the system get the same version on same day?

    Quality space deployment and Production space deployment are done separately. Starting 2111, SAP will give customers two weeks to test the new release on Quality before Production release.

    What is the exact downtime and how is the customer informed by SAP in future?

    According to the Maintenance Windows and Major Upgrade Windows for SAP Cloud Services, officially maximum downtime is 4 hours, but we strive to complete in less than 2 hours.

    If an issue is reported in the first week and it is a no-go for the deployment of this version in production, what is the procedure to not update production?

    Every message reported by customers during the quality testing is evaluated based on the impact on customer and the rest of the user-base. The goal is to resolve the issue before Production is updated. If the issue is evaluated as a showstopper, the decision is made collectively on the Release decision meeting.

    General, Integration, and Administrative

    What manual activities are required when we upgrade Digital Manufacturing Cloud to version 2105?

    Additional Information and Manual Activities for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud may be found, Release 2105 may be found at SAP Note 3029071.

    Upon decommissioning my SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud production tenants with SAP, in what form will I receive my data and what is the process to request and receive the data?

    Requesting the return of data

    To request the return of data following decommissioning, the requestor shall initiate a ticket under the SAP Support Portal.

    Details may be found under Decommissioning Tenants, Data Return, and Deletion.

    Form of Returned Data

    · Data is returned in the form of multiple .csv (comma separated value) files.

    · Each .csv data file contains data associated with respectively named database table.

    · Each file is limited to 1 million records per file.

    · Multiple files are provided if the number of records exceeds 1 million for the associated database table.

    · The .csv files are contained within one or more .zip files.

    Storage of Returned Data

    · Data for Amazon Web Services tenants is stored in within an AWS S3 Bucket.

    · Data for Azure tenants is stored within an Azure Container in Blob storage.

    · Data storage expires at the contract termination date.

    Credentials to access Returned Data

    · The credentials to access the data are provided in the login area of your Support ticket (you need to switch to edit mode to access the login data).

    Location of Returned Data

    · You can find your HANA tables data under the folder dmc_deprovisioining/<applicationName>_<schema_name>/<table_name>.csv.

    Retrieval of Returned Data on AWS

    · To access the data use the Amazon Command Line Interface. Please refer to the Amazon documentation for further details.

    Retrieval of Returned Data on Azure

    · To access the copied files use the Azure Storage Explorer.

    · Hint: In the connect dialog of the Azure storage explorer choose the option "Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI".

    · The URI you enter there consists of the container uri followed by a ? and then the sas token (see how-a-shared-access-signature-works).

    · Please refer to the Azure documentation for further details.

    Other Data

    Audit log data may be retrieved via public API. Instructions found at the Audit Log API Usage for the Cloud Foundry Environment page.

    What corrections and enhancements have been made to SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, Release 2105?

    See the information at Corrections and Enhancements for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, Release 2105 available in SAP Note 2797822.

    How is data reprocessed for DMCi if a replication fails?

    Data Engineering is designed to automatically recover from the last point of successful replication.If the replication fails due to incorrect authorizations/user expiry, the suitable updates have to be made in the configurations and then it should again recover from failures on its own.

    For more information Review the Manage Connections Help

    What languages are supported by SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    See the information available in Language Support for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud in SAP Note 2722461.

    What Browsers and associated Platforms are supported by SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    Check the information in Browser and Platform Support Matrix for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, SAP Note 2722235

    Where would I find an overview of the features available in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud features may be found in the Feature Scope Description document.  

    Where would I find a Landscape Diagram that represent SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud along with its on-premise counterparts in a multi-plant deployment?

    This diagram may be found under Planning Information of the SAP Digital Manufacturing Integration Guide in the SAP Help Portal.

    Where do I find the versioning requirements for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud with SAP ERP, SAP S/4 HANA (cloud), SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME), SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII), or SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo)?

    This information may be found under the Minimum Version Requirements under the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud SAP Help Portal. 

    Where do I find the basic integration scenarios supported for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

    Where can I find the Roadmap for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    Where can I find the SAP Service Level Agreements associated with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    Service Level Agreements associated with SAP Cloud Services may be found in the SAP Trust Center under Agreements - Service Level Agreements for SAP Cloud Services.

    Where can I find details regarding the required maintenance windows for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

    The Maintenance and Major Upgrade windows may be found at the following location for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.  You may use the search box with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud to quickly access the specific information.

    You may subscribe with an S-User to gain access to the Maintenance and Major Upgrade Windows Change Log.  Subscription to the Change Log document can provide you with email notifications of any changes that are made to these windows.

    Is there a dashboard where I can see the service levels of my SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud service?

    Yes, the SAP Trust Center offers a dashboard of current activity for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

    Is there a way one can view Cloud Availability and do DMC Monitoring?

    You may find the list of cloud solution monitors here under Cloud Service Status.

    Specifically with respect to incidents and cloud availability, you can find the Cloud Service Status for DMC here.

    Production Operator Dashboard

    Why am I unable to start an order due to disabled Production Operator Dashboard (for process industries) buttons?

    The User must be assigned to the Work Center associated with the Production Operator Dashboard.

    How do I change the screen timeout in Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution?

    While creating/updating Production Operator Dashboards, the Session Timeout may be set.  Help documentation addressing this question.

    How do I update the Production Operator Dashboard user interface.

    Updates to the Production Operator Dashboard user interface are performed through the POD Designer.  Many of the updates will occur through changes to the POD Pages.

    Process Industries

    Can I run both Process Orders and Production Orders on the same Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution Plant?

    Yes.  However, the Manage Plants application will define the Process or Discrete terminology used for the Plant.


    Resource Orchestration

    Automation and Connectivity

    Manufacturing Networks

    SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for edge computing (DMCe)

    What is planned for DMC Edge in 2111 and 2202?

    The roadmap presented to customers and Innovation and Feature Repository contain planned features with the expected release dates.The roadmap for DMC Edge is not publicly updated at this time.

    What are the top 3 long term enhancements w/DMC Edge?

    The top 3 enhancements for DMC Edge are process industry support, support of multiple Edge devices in the same plant and high availability/redundancy.

    How is DMC Edge deployed/installed?

    The Edge Lifecycle Management (ELM) tool is used to install/deploy DMC Edge components from the cloud.  The Setup and Operations guide explains this in more detail.

    What are the benefits of having PCo containerized w/DMC Edge?

    The benefits of using containerized PCo are explained in the application help for machine model and connectivity.  The containerized version runs within the same Kubernetes cluster as other Edge components, including updates via Edge Lifecycle Management and configuration via the cloud.

    How will DMC Edge integrate to shop floor machines?

    DMC Edge can connect to SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) containerized and on-premise versions for integration with shop floor machines using the Machine Model and Connectivity app.

    How much flexibility will DMC Edge have compared to DMC (e.g. upgrading,..etc.)?

    DMC is automatically upgraded once a quarter for major upgrades and requires a scheduled downtime.  The customer triggers the installation of DMC Edge upgrades.  Minor upgrades for DMC Edge are provided between major DMC releases and are triggered by the customer.

    What about DMC to DMC Edge switchover for High Availability (HA)?  What is the plan to achieve HA?

    DMC Edge high availability options are still being discussing internally.

    How is DMC Edge commercialized?

    DMC Edge is now generally available (GA) by SAP.  A limited amount of Edge device licenses are included in the license for DMCe.  Additional licenses can be purchased if needed.  Azure Stack Edge Pro devices can be purchased from Microsoft.

    How much functionality does DMC Edge have compared w/DMC?

    DMC Edge functionality is explained in the Setup and Operations guide and the DMC New Features documentation.  Edge-enabled apps and plugins are listed in the Setup and Operations guide.

    How is data synchronized between DMC Edge and DMC?

    Data synchronization is explained in the Setup and Operations guide.  Event-based synchronization happens in real time if connection is up.

    What devices does DMC Edge support?  In future?

    DMC Edge currently supports the Azure Stack Edge Pro version.  Other devices are being investigated at this time, including other flavors of Azure Stack Edge.

    How is DMC Edge integrated w/S/4HOP (S4 HANA On Premise) and S/4HC (S4 HANA Cloud) (i.e. edge to cloud to on-premise, edge to on-premise,…etc.)?

    DMC Edge integration with S/4 ERP, both cloud and on-premise versions, is currently performed via Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) or directly into DMC cloud, then sent to Edge.  Direct integration with DMC Edge is being investigated, including inventory integration with Extended Wharehouse Management (EWM) and batch integration with Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

    Describe how Edge Services and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) are used to support DMC Edge?

    DMC Edge services are installed, upgraded, patched and monitored from the DMC cloud using the Edge Lifecycle Manager (ELM).  The Business Object Synchronization Service (BOSS) component from Edge services can synchronize data between Edge and cloud.  Additional reuse components are the object store, malware scanning and Plant Connectivity/Internet of Things (PCo/IoT) Edge.

    Digital Manufacturing Cloud Extensibility

    What is the location of the DMC Extensibility FAQ?

    You can find the DMC Extensibility FAQ here