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SAP on IBM Z Reference Architectures

New versions of the SAP on IBM Z Reference Architectures are available. Download the PDFs and get the latest updates about SAP's maintenance strategy until 2030, the tight integration of ABAP & cloud services and various technology enhancements (e.g. IBM z15, DS8900F, IBM Z System Recovery Boost & SAP Cloud Platform).

SAP Business Suite on IBM ZSAP Banking on IBM ZSAP Insurance on IBM Z

SAP on IBM Z quarterly Webcast Series - June 10th, 2021 - Replay available

Topics: - Db2 for z/OS roadmap and SAP strategy - zHyperLink enablement in an SAP on IBM Z environment - Enhancements to SAP’s DBA Cockpit - Update of ABAP SDK integration with IBM Watson Time: June 10th, 4:00 p.m. CEST (2:00 pm UTC, 60 minutes) Speakers: Dr. Matthias Gimbel (SAP) , Peter Becker, Dr. Jochen Röhrig, Joachim Rese (IBM)

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Business Continuity for SAP on IBM Z, Edition 2020 available

This edition is based on IBM System Automation for z/OS 4.1 with APAR level OA54684 and on IBM System Automation for z/OS 4.2 with APAR level OA58750. It includes support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM Power System Big Endian and Little Endian as application server platform and new System Automation 4.1 functions (suspend and resume).

Business Continuity for SAP on IBM Z, Edition 2020

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Implementing IBM zHyperLink for SAP on IBM Z

SAP business applications on Db2 for z/OS with their heavy I/O traffic demand fastest access between application and physical storage. IBM zHyperLink helps to improve synchronous I/O traffic. The document below addresses specialists who plan to use zHyperLink connectivity and describes a sample implementation:

Implementing IBM zHyperLink for SAP on IBM Z

UPDATED: TLS Certificate Authentication for SAP on IBM Z

An update of the best practice guide covering TLS Certificate Authentication is available with the following updates: - Added a new section about secondary connections - Verified that Software Update Manager ran properly - Included customer feedback about disabling login with password or passphrase in z/OS - Inserted guidance for cryptographic hardware configuration - Fixed information related to environment variable dbs_db2_user - Improved description of TLS certificates

TLS Certificate Authentication for SAP Application Server Connections to Db2 on IBM Z


A revised and updated version 14 of the CLI Failover presentation is available. Major updates are: - DBA Cockpit does no longer support re-loads of the db2dsdriver.cfg - Added page ‘Recommended Planned Failover trigger’ - New User Interface of latest Failover Configuration Tools version included - Other updates and improvements

Download the PDF


SAP has successfully certified the usage of APPLCOMPAT=V12R1M506 and APPLCOMPAT=V12R1M508. For the time being the following SQL features are exploited: LISTAGG built-in function (FL501), explicit casting of numeric values to GRAPHIC or VARGRAPHIC (FL502), implicit drop of explicitly created database objects (FL506) & separation of multi-table segmented tablespace (FL508). Raising APPLCOMPAT to V12R1M506 or V12R1M508 is optional for customers. SAP applications will always check the APPLCOMPAT level before using any new SQL features.

SAP Note 2902423Db2 12 Function Levels

SMD Agent on z/OS - Cut up to 80% of the CPU Consumption

On z/OS the CPU consumption of Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) Agents can be very high if there are many (real and virtual) network interfaces. This is because there is one agent (Java process) for each network interface. A detailed study revealed that a huge part of the CPU utilization is triggered by explicit garbage collection calls which are superfluous with today's Java Virtual Machines. Fortunately, these calls can be deactivated without any code change by a simple adjustment of the SMD Agents' profile.

Note 2998723 - SMD Agent on z/OS: up to 80% CPU reduction by deactivating garbage collection

Huffman Compression

IBM's current Z processor family supports enhanced data compression using Huffman encoding. The SAP on IBM Z performance team located in Poughkeepsie just finished a first study using banking workloads to assess the effects of the new technology on disk space, performance and throughput.

Performance Evaluation of Huffman Compression with SAP Banking on IBM Z