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Database Administration for SAP on IBM Db2

Do you install, configure, and maintain SAP systems on IBM Db2? Learn about the relevant database concepts and administration tasks:

Database Administration Guide

SAP Business Warehouse on IBM Db2

See our database administration guides for SAP BW on IBM Db2:

SAP Business Warehouse on IBM Db2 10.5 and HigherSAP Business Warehouse on IBM Db2 10.1 and Lower

Advanced Log Space Management (ALSM)

As of SAP on Db2 11.5 MP4 FP0SAP, Db2 Advanced Log Space Management (ALSM) is available. It helps you to avoid transaction log full situations and to speed up rollback processing.

Blog Post: Advanced Log Space Management (ALSM)Blog Post: Using the DBA Cockpit for Monitoring ALSMVideo

DBA Cockpit

Find out how you can use the DBA Cockpit for many database administration and monitoring tasks regarding performance, space, backup, configuration, diagnostics, and more.

View documentationVideo: DBA Cockpit OverviewVideo: Monitoring Network Statistics in the DBA Cockpit