*Getting Started with SAP Datasphere

Welcome! This Getting Started page will be a key resource in quickly finding the resources you need to dive in.

What is SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere enables a business data fabric architecture that uniquely harmonizes mission-critical data across the organization, unleashing business experts to make the most impactful decisions. It combines previously discrete capabilities into a unified service for data integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, and virtualizing workloads across SAP and non-SAP data. 

SAP Datasphere is the evolution of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. It provides a unified data experience to deliver seamless and scalable access to all your business data. We’ve kept all the powerful capabilities of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and added new data integration, data cataloging, and semantic modeling features that are now available, and we will continue to build on in the future. As of March 8, 2023, existing SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenants will transition to SAP Datasphere. This update will be automatic, and existing SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customers will continue as is with either subscription or CPEA offerings without interruption. Though this content references SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the information applies to SAP Datasphere.

Become a Business Data Expert

We want to empower users at every skill level to easily infuse business data into their data projects. These learning resources will help both business and IT users more easily integrate, model, and connect business data across their data estate.

Get Started with your SAP Datasphere Tenant

Wondering what to do first with your brand-new system? Here are some resources to get you up and going:

👉 Check out the First Guidance document Getting Started with your Tenant.

Get onboarded at the SAP BTP Resource Center and learn how to set your business up for success! Use the Calculator to determine storage, compute, data lake, and BW Bridge sizes for your system. Schedule a 1:1 session with an SAP BTP Onboarding Advisor.

Explore Features and Capabilities of SAP Datasphere

SAP BW bridge

Learn about SAP's new BW bridge technology for moving your BW data, models, and staging to the public cloud by reusing your BW experience.

Check out more details on the BW bridge page.


What are Spaces?

Spaces help you to manage resources and customize user experience to the use cases that matter most to each individual or team. Find more information on how you can set up and manage your Spaces.

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Data Integration

Built on the concept of cross-application warehousing, SAP Datasphere prides itself with its openness and flexibility. Connect to a multitude of systems, on-premise sources or third-party ETL tools to experience the full potential of a data warehouse in the cloud.

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Data Preparation

SAP Datasphere allows you to use a great variety of data sources and types. At times, this data needs to be prepared before it's ready to be analyzed. This module will teach you how to start collecting and cleaning your data.

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  • Learn about the Repository Explorer on the SAP Help Documentation or watch this Video.
  • Find information about the Data Integration Monitor on the SAP Help Documentation or watch this Video to get an overview. 
  • Learn how to upload flat files and explore the Data Integration Monitor with which you will get hands-on with data replication and essential data monitoring capabilities by completing the 

Data Modeling

Preparing your data ensures that it will be ready for use in reports and data Stories. In this module, you'll learn how to define your data structure using tools and features like the Data Builder, Semantic Layer, SQL modeling, and more.

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Intelligent Lookup

The Intelligent Lookup helps business users to harmonize data with ease where standard techniques fail. Often datasets belong together semantically, but not technically. This is very often the case for data coming from different sources.

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Hybrid Scenarios

SAP Datasphere protects your existing investments by letting you reuse your existing on-premises data models.