SAP BW Bridge

Scaling your data and analytics innovations might be challenging when most of your existing investments reside on-premises. To help you modernize your landscape, we built SAP BW bridge for SAP Datasphere that allows you to reuse your existing SAP BW investments in the cloud.

Introduction to SAP BW Bridge

SAP BW bridge provides a path that eases the transition from existing SAP BW systems to an innovative infrastructure supported by SAP Datasphere. This helps you reuse existing customer investments in SAP BW by allowing you to transfer and enable the rich feature set of extractors and ABAP code for access to legacy SAP on-premises systems โ€“ and to seamlessly transfer existing ETL processes within a dedicated space.

Check out the links for a basic introduction to BW Bridge and how it enables you to move BW data, models, and staging to the public cloud by reusing your BW experience.

If you want to go deeper and start think about planning, provisioning and transport you will find more information in these blogs

Please note, while this video references SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the content applies to SAP Datasphere

Business Value

SAP BW bridge gives SAP BW customers a clear path to the public cloud. SAP BW customers can take advantage of modernizing their data warehousing with a complete end-to-end solution and one semantic view designed for business & IT.

The SAP BW bridge enables customers to:

Reuse for business continuity - Leverage SAP BW data structures, transformations, customizations, and skills quickly extending your SAP BW investments to the public cloud

Connect with confidence - Integrate on-premises SAP Business Suite data with familiar connectivity and semantic richness โ€“ retaining instant access while expanding your analytics depth

Innovate with cloud agility - Empower your business to rapidly innovate on BW data with an open, unified data & analytics cloud service โ€“ scaling innovation and efficiency in the cloud

Customer Success Stories - Explore Nipro's journey with SAP BW bridge.

Want to learn more about BW Bridge?

If you are interested and would like to have a deep dive into BW Bridge, check the following resources:

  • Find an overview of the main concepts, key areas, and tools in the SAP BW bridge SAP BW Bridge Help Documentation
  • For SAP BW bridge, there is now a Troubleshooting guide available. It explains how to identify configuration issues in the connectivity of on-premises source systems to SAP BW bridge.
  • Find detailed information like the supported functionality, limitations, and provisioning on the Central SAP Note SAP BW bridge SAP Note 3117800.
  • In addition, SAP is providing the course โ€œSAP Datasphere: SAP BW Bridgeโ€ (DWCBW1). The course has a strong focus on hands-on experience and provides more than 20 exercises to implement.

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Please note, while this video references SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the content applies to SAP Datasuite

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