Best Practices and Troubleshooting

The best practice and troubleshooting page will share first guidance, recommendations, how-to guides, and other valuable information for customers and partners.

Important Notification

SAP HANA Cloud is deploying a solution to guarantee the usage of fixed IP addresses. This solution is going to be enabled for AWS and Azure landscape during the maintenance activities in May 2023.

This will change the IP addresses the SAP HANA Clouds DNS is resolved to. In case you are using the IP addresses in you network to filter traffic, for example by firewalls or allow list, you need to get active. You can find the new relevant IP addresses/ranges within SAP note 3153915 in the second table. DNS names are not changed and stay as is. There is no need to change the dpAgent or Cloud Connector configuration.

Not all customers are affected. Only if the use IP filter. Not only onPrem network must be checked. Cloud solutions where Datasphere can connect to directly (HANA Cloud, oData (and odata based), Athena, GBQ, CDI, etc.).

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