Business Content

This page contains all the information you need around business content for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from SAP and partners, including latest release updates, hot news, and links to further resources and blogs.


Those who have been around with SAP and Analytics, know that business content has a long-standing history within SAP. You will easily recognize concepts and be able to leverage content in your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud implementation quickly.

Those that are new to the topic – no worries! I will include all information here, independent of where you are coming from. And if you miss any information, please use the comments in one of our blogs or directly send a mail to and we will help you along.

As mentioned, business content is not a new topic for SAP, but it is a core asset and differentiator for us to support you as a customer on your SAP Data Warehouse journey. Based on SAPs content history (Business Content for BW, BW/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud content), it felt most natural to us to continue with content creation and delivery for our new data warehousing offering in the Cloud.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content may come stand-alone. SAP Analytics Cloud content with ready-to-run visualizations and analysis typically exist next to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content and would fit to data models in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content.

Business Content for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud does not come from SAP alone. Our partners have been included from the start, expanding the reach of content by adding their experience and knowledge about SAP and non-SAP data sources. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content helps you jump-start your project, accelerate the implementation or get inspirations on relevant measures and KPIs for Industry, line-of-business or cross analytics scenarios.

Latest Updates

2022/11/14: Data Warehouse Cloud content Q4/2022 has been released. Find the new packages below.

The SAP Analytics Cloud content comes in a dedicated Analytics Cloud content package. Find all information on the Analytics Cloud content package also in the Analytics Cloud community page here.

What is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content?

Similar to other content for BW / BW/4HANA or SAP Analytics Cloud, business content for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers ready to run pre-configurations that jump start and accelerate your project. Basically, any object in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can be included in a content package (e.g. Data Builder objects like tables or view, Business Builder objects like Analytical Dataset or Fact Models*).

The content includes pre-defined models, that are typically based on existing SAP data sources, and also non-SAP data sources primarily in Partner content packages. Find a description per business content package what is included: list of objects, measures, KPI, data sources. Packages are targeted for an industry or a line of business (LoB). In addition, content covers cross scenarios, like a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) dashboard, which combines data from multiple applications such as S/4HANA Cloud and SuccessFactors.

Business content can always be connected to your own data. In some case, content comes with optional sample data – depending on how a package has been setup, if it is a trial package or if it is a paid content.

The content also provides helpful templates to explore the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud functionality.

*Some objects in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud are still part of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud roadmap or are not yet supported as part of a content packages. Please check the details here in the SAP Road Map Explorer

SAP Business Content

Please navigate to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content documentation for details of what is included in each package.

Find here an overview of the currently available content packages.

New or updated packages in the most recent release are marked as NEW.

  • SAP Ariba: Enterprise Analytics for Procurement
  • SAP Ariba: Spend Analysis
  • SAP Business Network - Value Analytics New
  • Automotive – Responsive Supply Network, Sales and Inventory
  • Consumer Products / CPG – Revenue Growth Management – Foundation
  • Finance for S/4HANA Cloud
  • Financial analytics dashboard for SAP Analytics Cloud : financial information, personnel costs and related Human Resource information will be integrated to provide a comprehensive view on the cost structure
  • Intelligent Real Estate New
  • POS Analysis for Retail
  • Sales Analysis for SAP S/4HANA on-premise
  • Service Analysis for SAP S/4HANA New
  • Service Analysis for SAP S/4HANA Cloud New
  • Solution Order Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control Toolkit (SPC)
  • Supply Chain Management: Life Sciences Dashboard
  • Sustainability Control Tower 
  • Telecommunication: Customer Value Management (CVM)
  • Utilities – Meter to Cash

Partner Business Content

How to access, install and use the content?

All SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content packages can be accessed through the Content Network. SAP content packages can be found in the Business Content category in the content network, all packages from your partners are listed in the 3rd Party Business Content category.

Find more information about the Content Network in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud documentation Administrator Guide here.

Once you have identified a suitable package that you want to import, proceed as follows:

  1. Check all details of the package in the package description in the content network. In case the package is for free / a trial package, you can directly import it.
    If it is a paid content, you will be re-directed to a page where details are explained. Once a contract has been signed, you may continue with the content import (see example below).
  2. Follow the instructions How to install the content package.
  3. Finally Import the business content package.

After the content has been imported successfully into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant the content needs to be deployed before it can be used.

The documentation (for SAP packages) provides further detail of the content and relevant information: how to use and activate the content and how to use sample data (if available). For Partner packages, follow the instructions in the package description or contact the partner. Contact information is either available in the package description or may be found in the SAP App Center.

Example: Finance for SAP S/4HANA Cloud content package