What's new with SAP Crystal Solutions 2020

SAP Crystal Solutions 2020 is the latest iteration of the SAP Crystal Solutions product family. SAP Crystal Reports 2020, SAP Crystal Reports 2020 Upgrade version, SAP Crystal Server 2020 1 NUL and SAP Crystal Server 5 CAL and Crystal Reports Viewer 2020 were released in August 2020 as SP00.

SAP Crystal Solutions

Find the latest white papers, tutorials, free trial downloads, blogs, sample reports, and service packs for SAP Crystal Reports, a reporting solution that helps you design, explore, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications.

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Get into the details of the products and access all you need to know about SAP Crystal Solutions.

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Step-by-step user guides

Whether you are a novice user, or an experienced designer looking to see if you are following best practices, these guides are made for you.

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Software downloads

Get the latest releases and service packs, see the product capabilities and choose the right version for your needs.

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SAP Crystal Product configurator

The configurator allows you to understand what product within the SAP Crystal Solutions portfolio is required based on the capabilities you are looking to buy. Also it allows you to buy the needed product digitally on SAP Store.

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Add new charting capabilities

Upgrade your Crystal Reports experience with a host of new chart types and over 150 programmable graph macros by purchasing the 64-bit CRChart 2021 solution from our partner Three D Graphics. Free Trial included!

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Service Pack Downloads Portal

The Support Portal contains all service packs and fix packs for Crystal Reports. Additionally the portal contains the VS .NET runtime files for Crystal Reports.

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Upgrading to SAP Crystal Solutions 2020

SAP Crystal Server 2013 Priority One support will be ending on 31 Dec 2020, so now it’s a good time to start planning your migrations to SAP Crystal Server 2020.

Read the blogBuy SAP Crystal Server 2020 1 NULBuy SAP Crystal Server 2020 5 CALUpgrade to SAP Crystal Reports 2020

SAP Crystal Reports Resources

The page includes access to tutorials developed to help users get started using the SAP Crystal Reports, like Connecting to Data Sources, formatting, working with Charts, Tables, Crosstabs and more.

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Guided Answers

Select the most appropriate functional area of the problem with Crystal Reports and read the proposed recommendations.

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Get access to curated support content

This link provides free, public access to curated SAP Crystal knowledge base articles (KBAs), Documentation, and Guided Answers for the different versions available in the market.

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Public access to Crystal Reports related Knowledge Base Articles

This document explains how to access Crystal Reports knowledge without login to SAP portal (without S-User ID).

Learn moreExample: KBA 2165260 - List of Registry Keys used in Crystal Reports

End of Maintenance

This wiki is just a quick overview of End of Maintenance Dates for various SAP Crystal Products.

End of maintenance dates

Distribute SAP Crystal Reports 2020 services to a Windows server

As announced in the SAP BusinessObjects addendum to Statement of Direction (Feb 2021), we plan to stop supporting SAP Crystal Reports 2020 services on Linux and Unix operating systems from version BI 4.3 SP2 on (Q4 2021), to remove dependency of the 3rd party component that simulates Windows API on Linux and Unix. SAP Crystal Reports 2020 reports are still fully supported, by distributing SAP Crystal Reports 2020 (CR 2020) services in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform to a Windows server.

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