Developing SAP Conversational AI Chatbots

Explore enablement assets to kickstart your SAP Conversational AI project and deploy AI chatbots that deliver strong business value for customers and employees.

Code samples & API referenceLearn

Code samples - Deploy a chatbot into your website and customize it.

API reference - Detailed information about our REST APIs available in SAP API Business Hub.
Learning journey - The starting point to enrich your chatbot development skills.

Developer tutorials - Make your learning easier with tutorials divided into progression missions.

Start with an overview

How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI (Free MOOC)

This free online course on the openSAP platform will provide a solution overview and step-by-step tutorials by our experts on how to create a powerful chatbot from scratch, using the different capabilities of our platform.

Create Your First Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI (Tutorial – 25 min)

Get a taste of building chatbots with SAP Conversational AI by learning about intents, entities, and skills, and then building a simple chatbot to tell users a joke.

Improve your platform knowledge

Next-Level Chatbot Building with SAP Conversational AI (Free MOOC)

Join this free online course to discover new features in SAP Conversational AI and learn how you can deliver a first-class user experience by enhancing your chatbot with powerful capabilities including disambiguation, scripting syntax, regex entities, and more.

Run a successful project

Train and build

Build your first FAQ chatbot (tutorial – 10 min)
Using SAP Conversational AI, build a chatbot designed to help users find answers to questions, based on a set of questions and answers uploaded in a CSV file.

Create chatbot for customers of shipping company (tutorial – 1 hour)
Create a chatbot with SAP Conversational AI that lets customers of a shipping company track packages and ask for shipping prices. Create more advanced intents and add a webhook to retrieve data into the conversation.

Connect your SAP Conversational AI chatbot to external services (tutorial – 35 min)
Learn how to call APIs and webhooks from within your SAP Conversational AI chatbot, and then build your own chatbot webhook with Python and deploy it to SAP BTP.

Use scripting to design a chatbot message from an API response (tutorial – 30 min)
Create an SAP Conversational AI chatbot for customer orders by calling an API and using scripting to create a custom message from the response.


Deploy your chatbot to various platforms (tutorial – 1 hour)
Deploy chatbots created with SAP Conversational AI to a website, Slack, Facebook, and Microsoft Teams.

Deploy your chatbot with the SAP Conversational AI Web Client
Enable SAP Single Sign-On (SSO)
Deploy your chatbot into an on-premise SAP Fiori launchpad with the SAP Conversational AI Web Client


Improve your chatbot accuracy by monitoring user activity (tutorial – 20min)
Use the analytics features in the Monitor tab to view how users chat with your SAP Conversational AI chatbot and adjust the way your chatbot responds accordingly.

Expand your chatbot building skills with SAP Discovery Center missions

Assist your users with a simplified buying experience (tutorial)
Build a chatbot designed to support a buyer’s experience and can assist with system functionality, business policies, and retrieval of transaction details.

Improve patient experience using COVID-19 chatbot (tutorial)
Complete this mission to improve the patient experience using the COVID-19 symptom checker chatbot.

Ready for more?
Search for blogs published by chatbot builders.

Testing and integration

Manage your chatbot with versions and environments (tutorial - 15min)
Create versions and environments for your SAP Conversational AI chatbot to make it easier to manage the development process.

Call SAP Conversational AI API using OAuth (tutorial - 10min)
Retrieve an OAuth token and use it to call the SAP Conversational AI API, using Python to create a web service.

Debug and monitor your chatbot
(tutorial - 30min)
Improve your chatbot by using the debug tools (during design time) and using the monitoring tools to see how your users are talking with the chatbot once it is deployed.

Commercial deployment

The Enterprise Edition is the paid version of SAP Conversational AI. It allows you to deploy your chatbots for commercial use, access premium features, manage and consume data from other tenants, and integrate chatbots with SAP and non-SAP products.

For more information, read our official guide. To approximate pricing based on your needs, use the Estimator Tool.
Please be aware of recommendations that should be kept in mind while building chatbots and constraints imposed by SAP Conversational AI.