SAP Conversational AI - Use Cases & Architecture

This subpage provides an overview of interesting use cases leveraging SAP Conversational AI across lines of business and industries. Additionally, you can find great examples of projects integrating chatbots with SAP and third-party solutions for world-class user experience and the underlying platform architecture.

Deploy an operational purchaser chatbot for SAP S/4HANA

The operational purchaser chatbot for SAP S/4HANA demonstrates how a chatbot is trained and built to interact with an SAP S/4HANA system – it retrieves data from the system via OData service calls, enables navigation to SAP Fiori apps, and allows ad-hoc collaboration through Microsoft Teams.
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Derive order insights from SAP S/4HANA using SAP Conversational AI

Provide your customers with operational insights in the sales order processing from anywhere and on any device with a personalized conversational experience. The goal of this mission is to automate sales order queries from your customers, by providing a secure chatbot quickly with low-code development and integration with transactional system such as SAP S/4HANA.
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Extend your business workflow with a chatbot, Microsoft Teams & Outlook

Extend SAP productivity by leveraging Microsoft Teams and Outlook as engagement channels for workflows. This scenario demonstrates how the leave request process from SAP SuccessFactors can be seamlessly integrated with business functions such as chat, email, and calendar, all relying on the SAP BTP. By bringing contextually relevant information to users, you enable them to focus on priority tasks with an improved business process experience.
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Support your employees in real time with an HR chatbot

See how an out-of-the-box HR chatbot can automate time-consuming, everyday activities and give your employees more time to focus on mission-critical tasks and important decisions. Use Conversational AIs to reduce frustration with IT systems and offer intelligent self-services.
Explore sovanta® Conversational AI for HR on the SAP Store

Resolve IT, HR and sales order operations with a chatbot

Deliver an unmatched customer experience by combining conversational AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation technologies. Fix issues automatically, and provides end-users with intelligent, seamless and effortless interactions with core processes.
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Ask any question and get contextual, exact answers instantly without training

Meet Kate, who contextually responds to user questions, with exact answers from within documents and videos, and recommends the next actions to solve problems. Kate is fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Conversational AI. 
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Interact with an SAP Conversational AI chatbot into your iOS app

Bring your chatbot to your mobile users with native controls provided by the open-source SAP Conversational AI SDK for iOS.
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Ask questions about your SAP S/4HANA implementation

SAP Project Coach is a chatbot that provides answers to more than 1800 questions related to an SAP S/4HANA (on-premise) implementation. The SAP Project Coach chatbot offers fast access to an SAP S/4HANA expert for a coaching session; including a live one-on-one 30-minute session with SAP S/4HANA experts; self-service scheduling functionality for coaching sessions as well screen sharing during the session for support in real-time.
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Automated testing of SAP solutions with a chatbot and INT4 IFTT

See how a chatbot connected to INT4 IFTT automated testing tool improves the user experience and testing efficiency of SAP customers for their scenarios, like regression and development phases of SAP S/4HANA projects.
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Get a comprehensive view of your purchase orders and invoices

Processing invoices can be riddled with the frustration stemming from missing or incorrect purchase order numbers. Delays in invoice processing can strain the relationship with suppliers. See how Iren SpA, one of Italy’s largest utility companies, benefited from improving invoice and payment processing using SAP Conversational AI.
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Order tracking and survey collection with a chatbot

In this end-to-end scenario, learn how to seamlessly connect your chatbot with Qualtrics and SAP Customer Experience through APIs.

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Execute HR tasks with embedded conversational AI in SAP SuccessFactors

Employees are now able to leverage digital assistants powered by AI to perform or be assisted with HR-related
queries, such as leave requests, payroll, training, and more. By implementing such technology, organizations enable their HR departments to focus on more productive tasks while improving overall employee satisfaction with an intuitive user experience.
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Integrate a chatbot with SAP Ariba and Microsoft Teams

In this blog post, build a chatbot that creates and approves purchase requisitions in SAP Ariba through public APIs and quickly improves employee productivity.

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Integrate a chatbot with DocuSign

Enable a chatbot as a commercial channel and integrate it with DocuSign for e-signature of contracts/documents to be able to respond so much faster to your customer’s demands.

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Ready for more? Search for blogs published by chatbot builders and explore additional scenarios.

Under the hood

SAP Conversational AI is built on top of SAP Business Technology Platform, using a specific Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

The offered services and APIs of SAP Conversational AI are hosted in a dedicated AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure. You can either decide to run your own application in the SAP Conversational AI infrastructure or consume the offerings via API calls from a different infrastructure.