openSAP Course Available: How to Build Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI

Join this free online course to learn how to build a chatbot from end-to-end with SAP Conversational AI. The course will provide a solution overview and step-by-step tutorials on how to create an enterprise-ready chatbot from scratch, using the different capabilities of the platform.
You'll earn a certificate of achievement if you complete the course successfully! 

SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI is an end-to-end chatbot platform combined with a powerful digital assistant designed for the enterprise. Train, build, connect, and monitor intelligent chatbots in one unique interface to automate business tasks, and improve both employees and customer experiences.

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Platform Demo

See this demo of our end-to-end bot building platform to get a quick overview of how to build smart and powerful enterprise chatbots.

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Build Your First Chatbot

In this step-by-step tutorial for beginners, learn how to build an enterprise-ready chatbot with SAP Conversational AI which provides information on shipment rates.

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Product Roadmap

Take a look at the product roadmap of SAP Conversational AI with information on the newly to-be released functionality and integration-options coming with the next releases.

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Explore step-by-step tutorials for both beginners, intermediate and experts to quickly learn how to build enterprise-ready chatbots with the SAP Conversational AI platform.

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