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Participate in the New SAP Cloud Platform Feedback and Requirements Channel for Security Services

This new channel is part of the SAP Continuous Influence program and provides you with the opportunity to give your valuable feedback, requirements, and improvement ideas on SAP solutions directly to the development teams. It covers both SAP Cloud Identity Services as well as secure SAP Cloud Platform development services.

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Troubleshooting the Authorization and Trust Management Service (XSUAA)

Did you know that we have a tool called "Guided Answers" where we provide troubleshooting information for multiple scenarios for the Authorization and Trust Management Service in the Cloud Foundry Environment? We also offer a script that enables advanced logging options so you can identify problems better and provide detailed logs to SAP Support.

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Enterprise Security Services – Secure Development Services

Enterprise Security Services is a new concept that can help you securely develop and administrate cloud-based solutions. Secure Development Services enable developers to design secure business applications. By reusing security services, you can develop secure and compliant applications without re-inventing the wheel.

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Secure a Basic Node.js App with the Authorization and Trust Management Service (XSUAA)

The Authorization and Trust Management service (XSUAA) of SAP Cloud Platform lets you manage user authorizations and trust to identity providers. A new tutorial for developers of SAP Cloud Platform applications is now available that explains how to secure and deploy a Node.js application with authentication and authorization.

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