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SAP Insider: Introducing SAP Cloud Platform Credential Store

The SAP Cloud Platform Credential Store service enables highly secure connections between applications in cloud-based landscapes by storing the required credentials and making them available to applications via a REST API. Get an overview of the key concepts and configuration tasks required to use this service in SAP Cloud Platform landscapes.

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SAP Cloud Platform Transport Layer Security (TLS) Connectivity Support

Get an overview about how SAP Cloud Platform uses encrypted communication channels for data in transit based on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Learn what platform regions support which versions of the TLS protocol and how you can adapt to changes.

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Implement Instance-Based Access Control in Spring-Based SAP Cloud Platform Applications

In case your functional authorization checks are not fitting your use case, you can now use instance-based authorizations with SAP Cloud Platform. Access control lists (ACL) allow you to attach permissions to dedicated object instances.

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Identity Lifecycle in Hybrid Landscapes

This guide explains how identity and access management (IAM) software from SAP supports building successful software integrations in cloud and hybrid environments and provides a seamless user experience while ensuring security and compliance.

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