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This is a community for learning, sharing, and getting help with the security services and features in SAP Cloud Platform and their functional capabilities. Share your stories, connect with experts, and stay up to date on the latest developments.

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Developing Secure Applications on the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Runtime

In this new end-to-end video tutorial, we explore in some detail how we can use XSUAA service instances in the SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry environment for authentication and authorization.

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Changed API for Multitenant Applications to Get Tenant Identifier

For applications based on SAP Cloud Platform to participate in integration scenarios of the Intelligent Enterprise, the aspect of multitenancy must be decoupled from the aspect of subaccounts. Learn how and when to use the new zone ID identifier.

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Continuous Influence Program for Security Services in SAP Cloud Platform

Thank you all for participating and helping us improve our security services! We evaluated your submitted requests and the results of the first review cycle are now available. Find out which features and enhancements SAP will implement.

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Developing Secure Applications in a Multi-Cloud Environment

In this new blog series, we will explore developing secure applications on the SAP Cloud Platform. Learn all about the concepts of UAA and XSUAA, how you can use XSUAA for authentication and authorization, and more.

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