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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is an open and modular iPaaS supporting a comprehensive set of enterprise-wide integration scenarios. Join our community to hear from experts, access learning resources, sample scenarios in GitHub, Q&As, and other resources that can help in your integration journey.

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Integration and APIs as Foundations for Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises lead the experience economy by connecting customer, product, employee, and brand experiences with business operations continuously in real-time. Integration is key to this transformation.

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Future-Proof Your Integration Strategy

A guide to supporting hybrid landscapes with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Seamless integration across applications and systems in increasingly heterogeneous and hybrid IT landscapes.

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Connect to On-Premise APIs from API Management Cloud Foundry Environment

This post covers the steps to connect SAP Cloud Connector to your SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment and its usage from SAP Cloud Platform API Management.

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Open Connectors Simplify integration to Third-Party Applications

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors simplifies and accelerates connectivity to third-party cloud applications. It provides robust, feature rich, pre-built connectors to an extensible library of over 160 of the most popular.

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Ask your questions and get answers from experts

Get answers to your queries on various enterprise-wide integration scenarios supported by SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

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SAP Cloud Platform API Management Mini-Security Series

An end-to-end security series that explain various security and single sign-on flows. Set of 11 videos spread over 150 minutes of learning content that explain the intricacies of the principal propagation/SSO flows that apply to the Neo and Cloud Foundry environment.

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Apache Camel Community Adapters Usage in Cloud Platform Integration

This blog post talks about how to use Apache camel community standard components as SAP Cloud Platform Integration (sender/receiver) adapters with a sample CPI integration flow to demonstrate usage of it.

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