SAP Cloud Platform Functions (beta)

Learn about this new, fully-managed cloud service for building, running, and managing short-lasting application functions. Engage with the community and learn how to develop and use functions to build agile and responsive applications in a serverless environment.

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Trigger functions with events

Use SAP Cloud Platform Functions with SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging so your applications can subscribe to business events from other sources, which can then trigger the execution of your functions.

How to use SAP Cloud Platform Functions and Enterprise Messaging to build agile, responsive applications and keep the core cleanSAP Cloud Platform Capabilities, SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

Build extensions with SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

Functions provides key capabilities for the Extension Factory, an integral part of SAP Cloud Platform, which will enable you to develop tightly-integrated, cloud-native extensions faster. Subscribe to business events registered in SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging, so they can act as triggers to execute your functions.

The next evolution for extensions - SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

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SAP Cloud Platform Functions

Function as a service to build, run, and manage functions for agile, responsive extension applications. Enable applications to react to business changes in real-time by defining triggers to execute functions on demand without disrupting your digital core.

Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform Functions (beta) in a serverless environment

Develop functions using Web IDE

Use SAP Web IDE to create serverless functions and deploy them to SAP Cloud Platform Functions.

Developing Functions with SAP IDE Web IDE Full-Stack

Define triggers to execute functions on demand

Functions lie dormant until awakened by a trigger (event, HTTP, timer) so that the function code can be triggered only when needed.

SAP Help Portal - Add TriggersSAP Help Portal - Supported Triggers