FAQ for Subscription and Costs (Appliance Templates)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about subscribing to SAP Cloud Appliance Library and the expenses you need to take into account.

Hyperscaler costs and subscription

Is there a fee for using SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

Yes, if you run an appliance longer than 30-days you need to have a subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library. For more information about the first 30 days of usage, see FAQs around the trial offering.

Note: you will also need a license for the products that are part of the appliance. For more info see FAQs around Licenses.

How much is it and where can I buy it?

The subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library can be purchased in SAP store.

The price is calculated depending on how many appliances the user runs and on the duration of running them. Due to this volume pricing the monthly subscription fee per appliance greatly. SAP Store has a cost forecast for tailoring the preferred usage model.

On buying a subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library you can decide how many appliances and how long you want to run. You can also make use of different Appliance Templates, pick new ones, mix and match them – you just mustn’t exceed the subscribed number of running appliances.

Are there any other expenses involved?

Yes. Right from the beginning of appliance creation your hyperscaler will charge you for the resources (VMs, storage, etc). You have your own contract with the hyperscaler and the hyperscaler costs are not billed via SAP Cloud Appliance Library or any other SAP unit.

Can I somehow predict what the hyperscaler costs will be?

Yes. We have an embedded cost forecast in SAP Cloud Appliance Library. You will find a “Calculate Costs” function in the details of each Appliance Template. This function is also accessible with exploring and not logging into SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Note that the cost calculation is based on the public hyperscaler price lists. If your company has negotiated special terms with the hyperscaler in question, these will apply in your case, e.g., if your company receives discounts. Therefore SAP Cloud Appliance Library provides an estimated snapshot of the allocated costs, but can’t be made accountable for this estimate.

If I suspend the appliance and keep it in this status, will I still be charged?


The subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library will keep running, nevertheless.

If the appliance is stopped - because you stopped it manually or because you set up a schedule to activate and stop the appliance - the runtime is not charged. When the appliance is in the suspend mode, you continue to incur storage charges that are relatively low compared to the cost of runtime. The hyperscaler charges you for an appliance until you terminate it.

What happens once the initial subscription time is over?

The subscription will be renewed automatically with the same conditions that you initially contracted.

How can I end my subscription?

Each SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription is renewed automatically by the initial subscription period. You can terminate your subscription effective upon the end of the initial term or any renewal term by notifying SAP at least 30 days prior to the end of the current term. If you have purchased your subscription from the SAP Store, go there and navigate to My Orders to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, contact us at cal.admin@sap.com.

Does terminating the subscription also terminate the appliance?

No. The contractual part does not affect the technical part in SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

If you want to terminate the appliance you need to choose Terminate for the appliance.

Note that this step cannot be reverted. The appliance exists only in your hyperscaler account where we have no access to. We have no backup or else for you in case you terminate it by coincidence.