FAQ for Licenses (Appliance Templates)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about licenses needed for an Appliance Template.

Licensing of Products used in Appliances

Do I need any licenses from SAP to use SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

Yes, as soon as you intend to keep an appliance for more than 30 days you need to care about two things:

  • License(s) for the SAP product(s) built into the appliance

  • Subscription of SAP Cloud Appliance library

You also need a subscription and product licenses before the 30 days expire if you are running the appliance beyond the trial purpose. For more information see the FAQs around the trial offering.

What is the difference between the subscription and the license and why do I need both?

You need the subscription for using SAP Cloud Appliance Library – the Cloud service offering the appliance templates catalogue, the Appliance creation wizard, the management functionalities such as scheduling, creation of backups, IP range restriction etc.

The license(s) you need to run the SAP software built into the appliance you use. The appliance consists of one or more preconfigured SAP products. You need product licenses for these.

How can I know if I fulfill the need for an SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription and the product licenses?

The SAP Cloud Appliance Library infrastructure checks whether the organization of the S-user who created the appliance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library possesses the resp. licenses and SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription. Only if these checks pass, the appliance can be activated in SAP Cloud Appliance Library beyond 30 days. The result of the check will be shown to you, and we will also send reminder emails so that you can take care of the missing licenses.

How do I know which product licenses I need?

In SAP Cloud Appliance Library, open the appliance template details and refer to the respective chapter in the Getting Started Guide, in most cases it is chapter 3. Licenses.

How can I purchase the subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance library?

  • from SAP Store, see the FAQs about costs
  • contact your SAP sales representative if you cannot or do not want to buy from SAP store

How long is the subscription valid?

If I already have a license for the products built in the appliance that I use in SAP Cloud Appliance Library, will this be sufficient?


Note that you still need the subscription for SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Where can I get a product license to keep my appliance running?

Contact your sales representative at SAP for a test and demo license.

For the appliance template “SAP S/4HANA Fully Activated” we have an exception: We offer a free SAP S/4HANA 90-day trial in SAP Store.

Refer to the Getting Started Guide of SAP S/4HANA Fully Activated Appliance for more details or to the overview blog for SAP S/4HANA Fully-Activated Appliance.

I have the required product licenses to keep my appliance running. Do I need to take any action on top?

Yes, you have to generate a license key and apply it to the system. Turn to your SAP Basis administrators to get help or watch our learning video in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Community entry page.

Is there any documentation on how to generate and apply license keys?

Turn to your SAP Basis administrators to get help or watch our learning video in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Community entry page.

For applying License keys you can also refer to instructions given in the Support page:

SAP Product Licenses

SAP "Minisap" License Keys