FAQ for Production-ready Systems (Product Stack Deployment)

Frequently asked questions about the Production-ready deployment offering in SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Installation, Configuration and Operation

How is the provisioned system secured?

We use network and application security groups (both are Azure entities). By default, the provisioned system can’t be accessed from outside the network. The SAP HANA DB servers are only accessible by the Application Servers within the deployment and by the SAP Landscape Management, enterprise edition. You need to configure network and application security groups to access the system from outside the network. We have a security section in our documentation: Security Considerations.

Is there another storage option than NetApp?

Not yet, but we will offer Azure files as storage option in Q4 2022.

Where is the webdispatcher installed? Wouldn’t we need it as a separate entity for a high available scenario?

Atm it is embedded in the ASCS. We plan to offer the installation of a pool of standalone Webdispatchers, so that customers do not need to bring their own.

Which operating systems (OS) are supported?

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Can I bring my own OS version? We need to reflect our company’s hardening procedures in the OS.

We are currently working on enabling use of custom OS for the production-ready deployment. It is part of the roadmap 2022.

How does the production-ready deployment relate to the “RISE with SAP” offering?

Contractually it is unrelated to RISE with SAP contracts. The system you install with the production-ready deployment option is suitable for evaluation purposes.

Are there any costs for the deployment option? Is it part of the subscription model?

The offering (deployment wizard) is free of charge and does also not play into the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription model.

Installing an SAP S/4HANA system in our production environment is actually no big thing, the planning takes much longer than doing it. What is the benefit of this deployment option?

  • Integration with Maintenance Planner
  • Automated download of SAP software stack
  • Deployment in unattended mode
  • Basic system management for provisioned system is integrated
  • Future integration with SAP Landscape Management Cloud capabilities
  • ABAP configuration steps to be offered soon – e.g. Fiori configuration
  • Simplified starting point for brownfield scenarios
  • Easy deployment for evaluation of a production ready (HA) SAP S/4HANA system

We liked using SAP S/4HANA fully activated a lot. What is the difference between that one and the production-ready deployment?