Appliance Templates

In SAP Cloud Appliance Library we maintain a catalog of Appliance Templates for various use cases. On this page you will find concepts and details of this offering.

What is SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

SAP Cloud Appliance Library is a self-service tool: It enables customers and partners to easily and quickly deploy appliances in their own hyperscaler environments.

The main use cases are testing, exploring new product versions, implementation of proof-of-concept or development projects.

SAP Cloud Appliance Library:

  • contains a large number of current preconfigured appliance templates consisting of either a system or system landscapes
  • provides automation to copy these templates to the user environments
  • installs running systems (appliances) from these templates in about one hour
  • allows for immediate appliance access right afterwards
  • provides management functions for the operation of these appliances, such as scheduling, access restrictions, snapshot creation, and more

Anyone can browse the Appliance Template catalog.

As a logged in public or S-user you can deploy appliances and work with them.

What are the Costs for using SAP Cloud Appliance Library?

SAP Cloud Appliance Library is a Cloud service that comes with a subscription, a bring your own license and bring our own hyperscaler account approach:

The SAP CAL subscription is sold to customers and partners in SAP Store and in exceptional cases also with contracts.

For customers the subscription fee is calculated per quantity of appliances in use and per duration of usage. The minimum lease time is 3 months. The longer one uses it the cheaper it will be per month.

For partners it is also offered in SAP PartnerEdge as demo showrooms.

What does "bring your own" mean?

Bring your own license means that the appliances run with temp licenses and the customer/partner has to apply license keys to the appliances by themselves prior to expiration of the temporary licenses. SAP Cloud Appliance Library checks upon deployment if the customer/partner has valid licenses for the SAP products contained. If an Account Executive (or another SAP representative) has provided a customer with a test and demo license this will also do. Therefore licenses must not necessarily be a cost factor.

Bring your own hyperscaler account means that the customers/partners have their own contract with the hyperscaler (AWS, Azure or GCP) and register their hyperscaler account in SAP Cloud Appliance Library. SAP does not charge any hyperscaler fees in the name of the customer. The costs for running the appliance varies depending on appliance, selected VM sizes, location and individual conditions customers/partners have with a hyperscaler. A cost forecast in SAP Cloud Appliance Library based on the official price lists helps to estimate costs upfront. However the individual customer/partner contracts with their hyperscaler often result in lower charges in the end.

Getting Started with Appliances

Find information on how to get started in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Community entry page. It includes learning videos and instructive blogs about managing your appliance, updates, FAQ pages and more.