Stories, Reporting, and Data Exploration

Stories, reports, and data exploration all help your data come to life so you can make important data-backed decisions. Find helpful information and resources such as best practices, videos, learning assets, and more on this page.


In SAP Analytics Cloud, a Story is where you bring data and visualizations together to tell the story of your business or organization and help you discover insights hidden within your data.  A story can also be referred to as a dashboard

Story Design

Optimized Story Experience

Filtering, Blending, and Linked Analysis

Multilingual Support

Custom Calculations

Getting Started with Calculations

In-Story Calculated Measures

    In-Story Calculated Dimensions

    Time-Based Calculations

      Data Visualizations

      Charts & Tables



        Enterprise Reporting

        Digital Boardroom

        Provide a single source of truth to decision makers about the most important business metrics in real time. SAP Digital Boardroom tells the story behind data while transforming board meetings into immersive and customized experiences.