SAP Analytics Cloud Product Updates

This Product Updates page provides our customers with key quarterly release cycle resources that highlight how you can leverage the latest features and enhancements of SAP Analytics Cloud. You can expect a new version once every quarter, allowing you to use the extra time to develop use cases, train end users, and deploy content within a consistent version of the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does SAP Analytics Cloud receive updates?

SAP Analytics Cloud receives updates on a Quarterly Release Cycle. This means that your SAP cloud applications will update on a quarterly cadence (every 3 months).

Why is SAP Analytics Cloud on a Quarterly Release Cycle?

With a Quarterly Release Cycle, you can expect a new version once every 3 months, which is consistent with SAP's global strategy for cloud application releases.

When will the next Quarterly Release Cycle update for SAP Analytics Cloud take place?

Quarterly updates are usually planned for February, May, August, and November of each year. For more information, read this article for detailed release dates.

Once I've been updated to the Quarterly Release Cycle, is it possible to switch back to bi-weekly releases?

No. Over time, all subscriptions will be transitioned to the Quarterly Release Cycle.

Is it possible to preview the features coming in the next Quarterly Release?

You can purchase a test edition tenant to preview new features before your quarterly update. Preview releases are updated on your test edition tenant weeks in advance of general availability. Contact your SAP Analytics Cloud representative to learn more.

If I have a test edition subscription, will it be on the Quarterly Release Cycle?

Yes. Once you've moved to the Quarterly Release Cycle, all of your subscriptions (with the exception of your test subscription) will also be on the Quarterly Release Cycle.

How do I know when SAP Analytics Cloud has been updated?

When you log in to SAP Analytics Cloud after an update, you’ll see a prominent notification banner with a link to our “What’s New” help content.

What is the version numbering convention for the Quarterly Release Cycle?

Each version number of SAP Analytics Cloud starts with the year, followed by the number of that release. For example, the version number of the first release of 2020 is 2020.01.

You may notice the Quarterly Release Cycle versions appear to skip certain numbers. This is because Fast-Track customers receive updates every 2 weeks, and these releases are considered in the version numbering process.

You can find the latest release notes for SAP Analytics Cloud here. Don’t worry! The Quarterly Release Cycle receives all of the features that the Fast-Track Cycle receives.

How do I know what version number of SAP Analytics Cloud I’m on?

To check which version of SAP Analytics Cloud you’re on, navigate to System > About from the main menu in the navigation sidebar.

Where can I find the release notes and help documentation for the version I'm on?

When accessing documentation from within SAP Analytics Cloud, simply click the “Help” icon. All documentation is versioned to your particular release schedule.

Share your ideas and questions about these product updates throughout our SAP Analytics Cloud Release Notes. You can also check out the SAP Analytics Cloud Road Map Explorer to see what feature innovations are coming soon!

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