*Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud

Welcome to the SAP Analytics Cloud Community. This Getting Started page will be a key resource in quickly finding the resources you need to get started. Our community is filled with product experts, knowledgeable partners, and all types of users. The space is designed to facilitate open discussion, open to your questions, inquiries, and suggestions on SAP Analytics Cloud.

Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution for business intelligence and enterprise planning, augmented with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics. It helps everyone in your organization make better decisions and act with confidence.

SAP Analytics Cloud removes silos, empowers business analysts, and unifies a company’s decision-making processes by combining business intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning into one product.

Users can plan across all lines of business and augment their planning workflows with predictive technologies, allowing finance executives and FP&A practitioners to plan and collaborate for better business outcomes.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps companies make smarter, more confident decisions by embedding smart capabilities, based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), that automatically reveals relationships, hidden patterns, and outliers in data.

    Getting Started for Planners

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