Data Connectivity

Connecting your on-premise or cloud data sources is the first step to making data-driven decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud. Establishing the connection settings requires people with expertise from different areas of your organization to ensure a smooth and under control deployment. Learn more on this page.

Alert: Live Direct Connections Affected in Version 107 of Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge Browsers due to Private Network Access (PNA) specification

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge has disabled the Private Network Access (PNA) specification as of version 102 but it will be re-enabled with warnings in version 104 and will fully block private requests in version 107 (at the earliest). Please see the following blog and article for more information on the rollout plan and what configurations are required for your system:

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Live Connectivity



S/4HANA Cloud and S/4HANA On-Premise

HANA On-Premise

HANA Cloud

HANA as a Service

SAP Datasphere*

*SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has evolved into SAP Datasphere, a unified service for data integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, and virtualizing workloads across SAP and non-SAP data. While content may references SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the content applies to SAP Datasphere. See this news article for more information:

SAP Data Intelligence

Live Data Connect (BusinessObjects Universe & Web Intelligence)

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