SAP Analytics Cloud Business Content

This page contains all the information you need around business content for SAP Analytics Cloud from SAP and partners, including the latest release updates, hot news, and links to further resources and blogs.


Those who have been around with SAP and Analytics, know that business content has a long-standing history within SAP. You will easily recognize concepts and be able to leverage content in your SAP Analytics Cloud system.

Those that are new to the topic – no worries! I will include all information here, independent of where you are coming from. And if you miss any information, please use the comments in one of our blogs or directly send a mail to and we will help you along.

SAP Analytics Cloud content may come stand alone or it builds on a corresponding content package in SAP Datasphere. Navigate to the SAP Datasphere Business Content community page for all details.

Business Content for SAP Analytics Cloud (and SAP Datasphere) does not come from SAP alone. Our partners have been included from the start, expanding the reach of content by adding their experience and knowledge about SAP and non-SAP data sources. The Business Content helps you jump-start your project, accelerate the implementation or get inspirations on relevant measures and KPIs for Industry, line-of-business or cross analytics scenarios.

Latest Updates

2023/05/22: SAP Analytics Cloud content Q2/2023 has been released. Find the new packages below and all details in the What's new and the documentation.

With the Q2/2023 release we are also happy to announce, that we have updated a first set of packages to use the Optimized Story Experience in SAP Analytics Cloud. Find tag "OSE" in the below table for these updates.

For those package that are built on SAP Datasphere content visit the SAP Datasphere content community page for more details.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud content?

The free business content for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom provides a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytics scenarios. It includes predefined Stories, Dashboards and Data models that are tailored to existing SAP Data sources. The packages are industry and line of business (LoB) specific.

You can easily connect the content to your own data and get started with your Analytics Journey in SAP Analytics Cloud. We provide a detailed documentation of KPIs, models and data flows which enables you to understand how the dashboards are built and adjust them to your specific requirements.

Many of our content is ready to run with sample data.

It will help you in finding meaningful examples to explore the tool’s functionality and get inspired for your own reporting featuring technology highlights such as planning, Smart Assist, value-driver trees, and mobile design.

SAP Business Content

Please navigate to the Content Network Release Information Guide on the SAP Help Portal for details of what is included in each package.

Find here an overview of the currently available content packages. Packages that include planning are marked with (P) = Planning. Packages that are based on SAP Datasphere are marked with (D).

New or updated packages in the most recent release are marked as NEW.

Line of Business:



  • SAP Analytics Cloud Accessibility Templates
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Guidelines Templates
  • SAP Sample Analytics Application for Mobile
  • SAP Sample What-If Application

Partner Business Content

Not only SAP offers content, but we are also very happy to provide you with more SAP Analytics Cloud content from our partners.

  • A41S Avantum: Finance and Controlling
  • ABACO: Industry Supply Chain
  • Akili: Retail Store Use Case
  • AQOIA: Alcohol and Beverages Transformation
  • AQOIA: Digital Edge Solution (Automotive)
  • Blue Reply: Sales Funnel Dashboard
  • Blueprint: People Science
  • Bramasol: Analytics for Revenue Recognition Disclosure Reporting
  • Cognizant: Leads Opportunity
  • Cognizant: Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Cognizant: Spend Analytics Solution
  • COMERIT: Analytics for SLAN
  • CTAC: Like for Like Method Retail
  • CTAC: RFM Method Retail
  • CTAC: Shelf Optimizer
  • Dahlbeer: Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Planning
  • Dahlbeer: Application Catalogue
  • Dahlbeer: Product Portfolio Planning
  • Dahlbeer: Raw Material Sourcing
  • DELAWARE: Cost to Serve Quick Scan
  • Ernst & Young: Financial Statement
  • IBsolution: AGIMENDO.personnel workforce and cost planning
  • Incture: Sales Analysis
  • INFOMOTION: Corporate Finance
  • INFOSYS: AR Overview and Trend Analysis
  • INFOSYS: Business Trip Planning
  • INFOSYS: Organizational Review
  • INFOSYS: Qualtrics Employee Engagement Survey
  • INFOSYS: Qualtrics Employee Onboarding Survey Solution
  • INFOSYS: Retail HR
  • INFOSYS: Retail Industry Financial Solution
  • INFOSYS: Slow Moving Inventory Analysis Solution
  • INFOSYS: Utilities 360
  • Innologic: Load Monitor
  • Intellect Bizware: Manufacturing Analytics
  • Intellect Bizware: ZoomIn Sales Analytics
  • Intellect Bizware: ZoomPro Project Analytics
  • Itelligence India: It.Analytics CXO Dashboard
  • Itelligence Nordics: Gross Profit and Revenue
  • Itelligence Turkey: Finance Dashboard
  • Kaar Technologies: Corporate Planning Dashboard
  • Kaar Technologies: Plant Maintenance Dashboard
  • Maihiro: CRM to Go for SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Mibcon NDC: Data Privacy and Protection for SAP
  • MSG Systems: Activity Based Costing
  • MSG Systems: Raw Material Planning
  • NIMBL: Headcount Planning
  • NIMBL: Vendor Rating
  • NTT Data: IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Plus-IT: easyBI Tiles
  • Plus-IT: easyBudget
  • Process Partner: ProTime Analytics
  • Protiviti: iPlan"
  • Prowess: Delivery Tracking OTIF
  • Prowess: Demand Forecast Planning
  • Prowess: Employee Time and Attendance
  • Prowess: Retail Data Analysis
  • PWC: Predictive Analytics
  • Rapid Views: Financial and Controlling real-time Reporting for SAP S/4HANA and SAP DWC
  • Rapid Views: Material Management real-time Reporting for SAP S/4HANA and Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Rapid Views: Quality Management real-time Reporting for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Rapid Views: Sales real-time Reporting for SAP S/4HANA and DWC
  • RapidViews: Production real time Reporting for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Renew HR: SHARP HR Analytics
  • Reply: MOSAIC - Margin-optimized Sales Intelligence
  • Reply: OPERA – Opportunity Performance Analysis
  • RW Consulting: Digital Marketing
  • Savic: Finance Analytics Solution
  • Savic: Material Analytics Solution
  • Savic: Planning and Production Analytics
  • Sierra: Contract and Lease Management Analytics for SAP HANA
  • Syntax: Financial Planning
  • Syntax: Opportunity Pipeline Reporting
  • TruQua: CPG Price Volume Mix
  • TruQua: Sentiment Analysis
  • VASPP: Cap-Ex Planning
  • VASPP: Carbon AI
  • VASPP: Ideal Supplier Identification
  • VASPP: Inventory Optimization
  • VASPP: Process Control
  • VASPP: Product Peformance Analysis
  • VASPP: Request Accommodation for Disability Act
  • VASPP: Retail Seasonal Forecasting
  • VASPP: Revenue Reporting by Plant Maintenance
  • VASPP: Spend Analytics
  • Visual BI: Accounts Receivables
  • Visual BI: HR Management and Planning
  • Visual BI: Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry
  • Visual BI: Sales and Distribution
  • Visual BI: SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Visual Crossing: Location Analysis
  • Visual Crossing: Weather Analysis
  • Westernacher: Supply Chain Performance Assurance
  • Wipro: Energy Usage Analysis and Forecasting
  • Wolters Kluwer: CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA

How to access, install and use the content?

All SAP Analytics Cloud content packages can be accessed through the Content Network. SAP content packages can be found in the Business Content category in the content network, all packages from your partners are listed in the 3rd Party Business Content category.

Find more information about the Content Network in the SAP Analytics Cloud documentation here.

Find partner content packages also as part of the SAP Store.

Once you have identified a suitable package that you want to import, proceed as follows:

  • Check all details of the package in the package description in the Content Network. In case the package is for free / a trial package, you can directly import it.
  • If it is a paid content, you will be re-directed to a page where details are explained how to buy the package. Once a contract has been signed, you may continue with the content import (see example below).
  • Finally Import the business content package into your tenant.

The documentation (for SAP packages) provides further detail of the content and relevant information. For Partner packages, follow the instructions in the package description or contact the partner. Contact information is either available in the package description or may be found in the SAP Store.

Example: Consumer Products Sales Target Planning