Operational Data Provisioning

Operational Data Provisioning provides a technical infrastructure that you can use to support two different application scenarios.The first of these is Operational Analytics for decision making in operative usiness processes (see Introduction to Operational Data Provisioning for more information below).The other very prominent application scenario is data extraction and replication: Operational Data Provisioning supports extraction and replication scenarios for various target applications and supports delta mechanisms in these scenarios. In case of a delta procedure, the data from a source (the so called ODP Provider) is automatically written to a delta queue (the Operational Delta Queue – ODQ) using an update process or passed to the delta queue using an extractor interface. The target applications (referred to as ODQ ‘subscribers’ or more generally “ODP Consumers”) retrieve the data from the delta queue and continue processing the data.With SAP BW/4HANA, Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) now becomes the central infrastructure for data extraction and replication from SAP (ABAP) applications to a SAP BW/4HANA Data Warehouse. Already with SAP BW we recommend customers to use ODP for the implementation of new extraction and replication scenarios from SAP (ABAP) application.

FAQs and Feedback

For the many more detailed questions on architecture, scenarios, implementation, prerequisites and availability we have compiled an FAQ document that we want to share with you now. Please find the full document here: Operational Data Provisioning – FAQ. Feel free to comment on this FAQ list in our FAQ Blog.


For in depth information please refer to this elaborate article Introduction to Operational Data Provisioning