EMEA/MEE Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 - Call for participants!!!

Are you passionate about Innovation ? If your goal is to go beyond simply implementing the #ERP, join the #IntelligentEnterprise for @SAPBusinessOne, @BusinesByDesign MEE/EMEA competition!
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SAP Business One Extensibility

In this community we want to share important information and tips helping you better take advantage of SAP Business One Extensibility APIs and tools as well as to have a communication channel for open discussions. Join the community!

Featured Content

Loosely Coupled Solutions for SMBs

Discover the meaning of Loose Coupled solutions for SMBs and get inspired by several demo scenarios including the source code to implement them on your own demo environment!

Loosely Coupled Solutions for SMBs

Extensibility @ SAP Learning Hub

Follow the proposed videos and hands-on exercises part of the SAP Business One Extensibility Program in the SAP Learning Hub!

SAP Business One on HANA Development E-learning

Webinar Series: Prototyping the Intelligent Enterprise for SMBs

It’s time to deep dive and check some of the prototypes we have developed so you can quickly get started developing your own innovative solutions. Watch the videos, check the presentations, clone the repositories and start playing with the code!

Check the blog post!

Webinar Series: Building the Intelligent Enterprise for SMBs

Customers demand more and more for business applications with great UX, portability and seamlessly integrations. In this set of recorded sessions, you can learn the principles which set the basis for the next generation of SMB applications.

Check the recordings in our blog post!