SAP BusinessObjects BI Performance

A comprehensive listing of Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Notes, and other resources related to improving the performance of your BI Suite.

Sizing Information

Recommendations and best practices to help you deploy and scale the various services in SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite:

Master Resources

  • KBA 1867416 - Troubleshooting performance issues in BI 4.x

How-To Articles

  • KBA 2023730 - How to Capture a Performance Hotspot Trace for Support to analyze for performance issues
  • KBA 2621050 - How to profile and analyze AS JAVA performance using Eclipse plug-in [VIDEO].
  • Note 1783031 - Analyzing AS Java performance with SAP JVM Profiler
  • BI Pattern book - How to create and execute Performance & Load Testing on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x
  • KBA 1694041 - How do you configure the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) for improved performance and scalability? [Video]
  • KBA 2420789 - SAP Support for Optimizing the Performance of the CMS Database

Best Practices

  • DOC 58571 - Tips for Optimizing the Performance of Web Intelligence Documents
  • KBA 2322354 - SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x Deployment, Sizing and Virtualization best practices [Video]


  • Note 1492000 - SAP General Support Statement for Virtual Environment