SAP BusinessObjects BI Maintenance

On this page, you will find helpful resources on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence maintenance topics.

Maintenance Strategy

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Software Downloads

Use the following links to download the software: 

Products out of mainstream maintenance:

(Installation & Upgrade section is no more available when a product reaches it's end of mainstream maintenance)

BI 4.3 SP2

Check here for the major innovations delivered with BI 4.3 SP2:

Other useful links:

If you are looking forward to making yourself familiar with the BI 4.3 SP2 capabilities, then SAP CAL allows you to test it for free:  

BI 4.3 SP1

BI 4.3 SP1 has reached its end of live.
We recommend moving to the BI 4.3 SP3 version to benefit from the latest features, up to date platforms, connectivity and security standards.

Check here for the major innovations that were delivered with BI 4.3 and BI 4.3 SP1:

Other useful links:

BI 4.2 SP9

BI 4.2 Support Package 9 was the last support package on the 4.2 stack which has reached the end of mainstream support at the end of 2022. Priority one support will continue until end of 2024.

We recommend moving to the 4.3 version to benefit from the latest features, up to date platforms, connectivity and security standards.

Useful links:

Latest Supports:

  • SAP GUI 7.70 (September 2021)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 (May 2021)

Products Sunset

The End of Life (EOL) for Adobe Flash Player was on January 12th 2021, hence SAP has stopped shipping and supporting the following products starting the releases 4.2 SP09 & 4.3:

See also the complete  Products and tools deprecated in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.3.

    SAP Support

    SAP Community

    • SAP Community Q&A - How to ask a question, Using Tags, How to answer a question.
    • KBA 2503236 - How to post SAP BI related questions on SAP Community?
    • To streamline the processing of requests we highly recommend that you use at least one of the 3 following SAP Managed Tags when you submit a new question on the SAP BusinessObjects BI Community: 
    1. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 
    2. SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence (WebI)
    3. SAP BusinessObjects - Semantic Layer
    • Check out the Community Resource List to get the full list of tags to be used for SAP Analytics.