AIX IBM Power Virtual Servers are now IaaS-certified

Have you ever wondered if you could run your traditional SAP NetWeaver stack on IBM Power Virtual Servers ( instead of servers in your on-premise data center ?  Yes, this is now officially supported ! See SAP IaaS certification Note 2855850 for details about supported database platforms and NetWeaver releases.
IBM Power Virtual Servers are also certified to run HANA on Linux thereby helping you to transition your existing SAP Business Suite systems towards S/4HANA.


Find information, blog posts, and useful resources for running your SAP system on the IBM operating system AIX.

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Check out this IBM Redbook for the latest features of the AIX operating system, including those that became available recently with AIX 7.2 Technology Level 4.

IBM AIX Enhancements and Modernization

With IBM AIX 7.2 TL 2, the AIX operating system supports the new communication protocol solution SMC-R. This IBM white paper demonstrates and summarizes the benefits of using SMC-R in a distributed SAP on AIX environment.

See the white paper at IBM TechDocs

This Technical Brief from IBM provides a collection of recommendations and best practices for implementing and running SAP landscapes on IBM Power Systems. The focus of this paper is on the PowerVM-related system configuration aspects.

Read the guide

Although the references to POWER hardware are out-dated, the IBM Redbook contains a lot of valuable information about POWER and POWER VM features and how they can be utilized in the SAP context. The managing and monitoring chapters provide deep technical insights.

IBM Redbook: SAP Applications on IBM PowerVM

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How to avoid out of memory situations

Running out of virtual memory on your SAP application server is something you definitively want to avoid. Check out this new SAP note which contains valuable hints and tips and best practices how to accomplish this. Learn about the SAP Host Agent metric OS.PercentPSBelowSigdanger which allows you to set an alert before your application server runs into problems.

SAP Note 2630086 - Avoid signal 33, out of memory on AIX

SAP Kernel 722 EX2 released

The 722 EX2 kernel is the most recent version of the 722 kernel and can be used as an alternative to the 722 or 722 EXT kernel as well as a downward compatible kernel for the 720 (EXT) or 721 (EXT) kernel. For details and prerequisites see SAP note 2880246.

2880246 - SAP Kernel 722 EX2: General Information and Usage

Server Message Block (SMB) Version 2.1 now supported for AIX

The AIX operating system now supports Server Message Block (SMB) Version 2.1 and it is available through AIX Web Download Pack Programs and the AIX expansion pack for AIX 7.1 and 7.2.

Server Message Block (SMB) client file systemAIX CIFS (SMB1) mount feature no longer supported on AIX 7.2

AIX 7.2 Technology Level 4 is available

AIX 7.2 Technology Level 4 is available and supported for SAP. For announcement and summary of capabilities see:

IBM AIX 7.2 with Technology Level 4 Release NotesSAP Note 2267287 - Using SAP systems with AIX 7.2