New IBM AIX version 7.3 now supported for SAP applications

You can now benefit from the new features that are available with AIX 7.3 in your SAP environments. For details on supported databases and SAP applications see SAP Note 3104875 - Using SAP systems with AIX 7.3 and the Product Availability Matrix.


Find information, blog posts, and useful resources for running your SAP system on the IBM operating system AIX.

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SAP Applications with AIX Live Update

You want to avoid costly SAP downtimes when updating your AIX server to newer technology levels or service packs? Check out the White Paper from IBM which validated the AIX Live Update capability in an SAP landscape. Version 1.1 adds recommendations for large SAP systems.

Link to White PaperSAP Note 2977742

SAP on AIX Best Practices

An update to the well-known Best Practices guide has been published by IBM. This version concentrates purely on SAP on AIX and contains up-to-date information about how to optimally utilize and configure AIX and PowerVM for SAP.

Link to IBM Whitepaper

SMC-R on AIX for SAP - Experience report

With IBM AIX 7.2 TL 2, the AIX operating system supports the new communication protocol solution SMC-R. This IBM white paper demonstrates and summarizes the benefits of using SMC-R in a distributed SAP on AIX environment.

Link to IBM White Paper

IBM AIX Enhancements and Modernization

Check out this IBM Redbook for the latest features of the AIX operating system, including those that became available recently with AIX 7.2 Technology Level 4.

Link to IBM Redbook

Expert Content

How to properly size paging space and physical memory

When your AIX server runs into low memory or low paging space situations this can lead to an outage of your SAP system. Therefore you should try hard to avoid these scenarios. The recently updated SAP Note 1121904 will help you to properly configure both memory and paging space.

SAP Note 1121904 - SAP on AIX: Paging space and physical memory resources

SAP Kernel 785 on AIX available with S/4HANA 2021

With the release of S/4HANA 2021, the Application Server on AIX with kernel 7.85 has also become available. While it was possible to operate the 7.81 kernel on AIX 7.1 under certain conditions (SAP Note 2947755), the kernel 7.85 requires at least AIX 7.2 TL4 SP1 and a C/C++ runtime level of or higher (SAP Note 1780629). UPDATE: since PL115, kernel 785 contains additional optimizations which can lead to significant performance improvements, in particular when running on POWER9 or POWER10 hardware. For more details see the blog post "How to optimize SAP kernel performance on AIX".

2947755 - IBM AIX requirements for SAP Kernel 7.811780629 - AIX: Minimal OS Requirements for SAP Kernel

AIX 7.2 Technology Level 5 is available

AIX 7.2 Technology Level 5 is available and supported for SAP. For announcement and summary of capabilities see:

IBM AIX 7.2 with Technology Level 5 Release Notes

How to avoid out of memory situations

Running out of virtual memory on your SAP application server is something you definitely want to avoid. Check out this new SAP note which contains valuable hints and tips and best practices how to accomplish this. Learn about the SAP Host Agent metric OS.PercentPSBelowSigdanger which allows you to set an alert before your application server runs into problems.

SAP Note 2630086 - Avoid signal 33, out of memory on AIX