ABAP Connectivity

Learn about ABAP connectivity technologies for remote SAP- and non-SAP systems which include usage of internet protocols like HTTP(s), TCP(s), MQTT and data formats like XML and SAP protocols and formats like RFC/BAPI, IDoc and ALE/EDI.

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Real-time events with ABAP Channels

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MQTT client in ABAP

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ABAP Daemons

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ABAP Channels

ABAP Channels enable real-time event-driven communication by replacing polling through push notifications based on publish-subscribe mechanism and WebSockets.


Industrial IoT Scenarios

The Industrial IoT make it possible to connect things via sensors to influence decisions, bring transparency and real-time information. ABAP supports Industrial IoT scenarios with native TCP/IP protocols based on the ABAP Channels.

ABAP Channels support TCP/IPHands-On