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I was happy to be part of the ABAP CodeRetreat Event in Bern.



The event took place on a saturday at the swisscom offices in Bern. swisscom is famous as a telco company, but swisscom is also a sap consulting company with over 400 sap experts in Switzerland.

the participants traveled to Bern from different sap customers and partners in italy, germany, austria and Switzerland, and the exchange with sap community members was one of the highlights of the event.

Damir and Martin did a very professional presentation about the impact and benefits of clean code and abap testing and the methodology around TDD Test Driven Development, so everyone was highly motivated to try it 'hands on' in different exercises.


Here are my personal Key Take-Aways:

- Finding Bugs early and automated with Unit Tests are the cheapest way, all Following up Tests like Integration Tests and UAT are way more effort

- clean code means having less lines of code and less maintenance costs for custom developments. 

- clean code is an ongoing task, getting better every day

- clean core will increase the need for proper unit tests

- good skills with Eclipse and ADT are essential for efficient development with clean core and unit test classes (lots of quick-fixes and shortcuts), it is not efficient with SE80

 - wow effect by showing CoPilot4Eclipse, which can also generate ABAP Code with AI #abapisnotdead

- pair programming was fun and gave a lot of additional learnings around sap and abap



Many thanks to everyone who helped making this event a success. I definitely learned a lot, and of course this methodology requires continuous training, as everything around developers life. The event closed at 15.00, just in time to watch Switzerlands first game at the Euro2024 😄