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Wroclaw - worth a visit

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Welcome to this Wroclaw Group. 😃

When I noticed the interest of launching this new group, I thought “A Wroclaw Group? Cool! Now I can share some views and images of my visit.” Then I had to look up the date … uuhm… it really was in 2019! 😅

It was my first time in Wroclaw, and I think even in Poland. I love the city! 😊
It’s beautiful, young, modern, sparky and buzzy. This is the historical market place called "Großer Ring" or "Der Ring" (in polish "Rynek"):


Everywhere in the city you can find little dwarfs. They are performing all possible kind of actions, which are oftentimes funny, but also serious and thought-provoking. They for sure wait for visitors to make pictures of them… so did I 😁

IMG_7977.JPG IMG_7978.JPG

[Seriously, please read more about the dwarfs here.]

The reason I was visiting Wroclaw was the SAP Inside Track which has been organized by my colleague Vitaliy @Vitaliy-R . I had an active part in it, too: I gave a presentation about Community Driven Events


I also did some stretching exercises during the day with the attendees, which not everyone liked – see this one 😂


Not only that Wroclaw is a great city, also Vitaliy is a great host. He introduced us, @MortenWittrock @maxstreifeneder  and Hüseyin Dereli, to the Nightlife in Wroclaw and we had really a great time. For sure the "private dinner" for all speakers after the event haven't been missed. You see we really enjoyed ourselves:


I hope the SAP Inside Track in Wroclaw will be back some time and if, you’ll find out in this group and in our event calendar! So I encourage you to join this group and to subscribe to the event category! 😉

Have you been in Wroclaw yet? How do you like it? Some nice experiences like I had? I am curious, share yours, please! 🙂

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