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SAP Inside Track Wroclaw 2024 - Registration for participants


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Registration is closed now! If you have filled application form before 03.07.2024, you should get confirmation e-mail! Contact me if you did not got it, but had registered!




This is the last day to sing up to SAP Inside Track! We have only 26 free places! 🙂


Hi All, 

only 50 places are left! Better hurry! 🙂


Hi All,

I am happy to announce that, thanks to cooperation of Capgemini and  WSB Merito Wrocław, SAP Inside Track in Wroclaw (Poland) returns after a long break!

We have finished looking for speakers and now registration for participants is finally opened!

Sign up quick, because only 100 people can attend! We are waiting for your registration to the 01.07.2024 or to the 100th person 😊

About event: An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the Community (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect. The event is organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Date and time? SAP Inside Track will come back on 06.07.2024 in Fabryczna 14G, Wroclaw, 9.00-17.00.

Language? Polish and English

How to sign in?  You just need to fill  .

Agenda?  We are currently working on it! As a sneak peak we can inform you that on SAP Inside Track following topics will appear:

 Vitaliy Rudnytskiy - Many faces of AI at SAP

Technology enthusiasts, this session will be for you! Artificial Intelligence hasmany faces and many names. We'll first look at them from afar, break them down into their prime factors, in order to jointly immerse ourselves in the world of AI in SAP.

Miłosz Staszewski – Mac as a platform of choice: SAP + Apple story

While I still have been a student, going through my SAP-focused courses with my Mac, I need to admit SAP wasn't looking like an Apple-friendly company. But as the famous song says: The Times They Are A-Changin’. Today, SAP is one of the high-profile Apple clients, deploying Apple devices on a scale, and even creating and providing resources for the benefit of a larger community. In my session I would like to tell you a bit about this Apple-SAP mix.

 Dr. Tomasz Wilk - ABAP Units Tests for RAP

Introduction of creation of unit tests for code written in RAP framework.

 Katerina Mazets/ Klaudia Szczepańska - SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe overview & use cases

This presentation will delve into Adobe Forms, starting with an overview of its software components and architecture. We'll explore the interface and form context, as well as the layout and live cycle designer for form creation. A use case will be presented, demonstrating how an interactive form was developed for an offline scenario. Additionally, we'll cover programming for Adobe Forms and share valuable tips and tricks.

Dominik Tylczyński - Integrated logistics planning in SAP standard - implementation challenges and pitfalls in S/4HANA

integrated logistics planning: from budgeting, through sales planning, SOP, demand management, till purchasing budget, stock forecast and activity requirements
Plan vs actual comparison
Implementation challenges
Pitfalls in S/4HANA

Abdulbasit Gulsen - Managing Identities with SAP Cloud Identity Services for On-Premise and Cloud Systems

I'll explain the capabilities of SAP Cloud Identity Services (Identity Authentication System, Identity Provisioning System) and how they can be leveraged to manage identities across both on-premise and cloud-based SAP and Non-SAP systems.


Dr. Waldemar Faliński - The SAP Cutover - why it is harder and harder?

Brief about the SAP cutover characteristics



Event on SAP Community 

Check the LinkedIn event who you will meet there, but note that binding registration is only using that registration form!