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In preparation for the migration in December, Associated Products entries will change to SAP Managed Tags (to match the requirements/terminology used for questions and blog posts on community.sap.com) on Monday, October 2, and these tags will become mandatory for all new content entries -- including blog posts, discussions, and questions -- in the SAP Community groups platform.

If you're unfamiliar with SAP Managed Tags, they represent SAP's taxonomy of products, solutions, services, topics, events, and more. They're the core set of metadata relevant to SAP, our customers, and ecosystem, allowing our members to find the specific information that interests them. So, in short, these tags are necessary for making community content easier for members to locate -- and that's why we're rolling out this change on October 2 as part of our pre-migration activities.

The change to SAP Managed Tags will align the groups platform with the community.sap.com platform and enable the migration of content from that platform's Q&A and blogging systems to this platform in December. It will also maintain a consistent experience post-migration -- matching what members already expect when posting content to the SAP Community.

To help you envision this change, here's a look at the two platforms currently.

This is the field you see when posting a question on community.sap.com


…or writing a blog post on community.sap.com:


Right now, this is the optional field that you see when creating content in the groups platform:


As of October 2, "Associated Products" (as shown above) will change to "SAP Managed Tags," and you'll need to enter at least one SAP Managed Tag from this list.

Depending on where you post your content, you may find a default SAP Managed Tag in the field automatically. For example, public groups that aren't associated with specific SAP solutions -- such as Coffee Corner, Welcome Corner, and the general location groups -- will get the SAP Community tag by default, and, not surprisingly, the SAP TechEd group will get the SAP TechEd tag. But if you don't see a tag, you'll need to choose one before publishing content requiring an SAP Managed Tag.

You're free to add more than one tag if you wish -- up to a maximum of seven. Just make sure that you select tags related to the content that you're publishing.

Note that this change only applies to content created on or after October 2. You don't need to go back and add tags to content you've previously created in the groups platform.

If you have questions about this update -- and anything else related to the upcoming migration -- please remember that we have a special discussion in our Welcome Corner: Ask and Comment About the Community Platform and Migration. Please feel free to ask for more details and share your thoughts there. And make sure to keep an eye on this What's New feed for all announcements about the migration and other important SAP Community topics. You can subscribe to this What's New feed by going to https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/what-s-new/bg-p/whats-new, selecting Options, and clicking Subscribe.


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