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In September, we launched one closed group and four public ones, but before I share the details about the five latest additions to our community, I want to make you aware of a slight change to how we announce new groups from now on.

As you probably noticed, this post appears in the What's New section, not the Welcome Corner. Moving forward (as of this post), we'll be using What's New to make you aware of the latest groups -- because they're new, and new stuff is what What's New is all about!

If you'd like to learn about groups launched earlier this year, you can still find posts about them in the Welcome Corner under the New Groups Launched label. Otherwise, in future, keep an eye on this space for information about the latest groups.

And speaking of new groups launched, let's get to them, shall we?

We rolled out three new locations in September:

  • St. Gallen (open): If you are from Eastern Switzerland or the neighboring regions, and you are interested in SAP topics, this group is the place to meet SAP peers in your region and exchange knowledge.
  • 's-Hertogenbosch (open): This Dutch group is the ideal place to share ideas about SAP technology and learn about local SAP Inside Track and SAP CodeJam events.
  • Zürich (open): In this group, you can stay informed about local community events, such as SAP Stammtisch get-togethers, and get to know local community colleagues and peers better.

We also launched a new public interest group (dedicated to one of the hottest topics today!), as well as a private influence and feedback group:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (open): In this group, you can join peers and experts in the community to discuss advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and its subfields (such as generative AI), use cases developed by SAP, and explore the limitless possibilities of AI built for businesses.
  • SAP Industry Analysts (closed): As its name suggests, this private group provides a meeting place for industry analysts to connect with SAP for updates and information.

Thanks to the recent redesign, participating in a group has never been easier! Just look for the big blue "Join Group" button on open groups to become a group member. (For closed groups, look for the "Send request to join" button. The group's owners/curators will decide whether to grant you access, depending on whether the group is for you. For example, if you're not an industry analyst, you won't be allowed into the SAP Industry Analysts group.)

Feel like a group's missing? We're always open to new group requests! External members (meaning members who don't work for SAP) may request location-based groups, and SAP colleagues may request any type of group. You can learn more in the May I start my own Group? entry of the Group Basics section of our Help documentation. One word of caution though: Due to the migration coming later this year, we won't be adding new groups, or changing existing groups, starting Friday, November 24.

To make sure you don't miss any announcements about new groups (or any announcements about the SAP Community in general!), please subscribe to this What's New feed. Go to https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/what-s-new/bg-p/whats-new, select Options, and click Subscribe.