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Community Manager

When we migrate the community fully to the groups platform, we'll be introducing a new gamification system that rewards members and grants ranks and privileges based on activity, length of membership, and positive contributions. 

Until then, you still have time to earn badges from the current community. And these badges will appear in a new content section that will become available after the migration. 

You can see the full list of badges on the missions page. We'll be retiring them as of November 27, so you have only three weeks or so before they go away for good!  

On the plus side, you may be closer to completion than you realize. Check out the Available Missions section of your people.sap.com profile. It shows the badges for which you've made progress (displayed as a percentage). As an example, in my case, I am so, SO close to achieving Grand Master Blogger. 


How about you? You may be an answer, comment, or blog post away from adding a badge to your reputation. 

Other badges may be easier to get -- by completing a tutorial, taking a simple action, and so on. Review the full list and see which are within your reach. 

We'll be sharing more about the new gamification system as we get closer to migration*. For now, don't miss this final opportunity to build your reputation and earn bragging rights as a community veteran with rare, retired badges.  

*Don't want to miss any announcements about the upcoming migration? You're in the right place! Subscribe to this What's New feed by going to https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/what-s-new/bg-p/whats-new, select Options, and click Subscribe. And don't forget to personalize your Notification Settings so you get updates when and how you like them.

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Active Contributor

Excited about the new gamification system!!. It would have been nice to see the progress of the current badges forwarded to the new system. I am also close to getting grand master blogger but 10 days may not be enough i guess :D.