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With the community migration coming soon, we'll soon be pausing new groups. Still, we launched a few last month, and we're hoping to roll out several more before the freeze goes into effect. 

In October, we said hello to a new industry group, as well as a new interest group. Here are descriptions of what they're all about -- taken straight from the groups themselves. 

  • SAP for Engineering, Construction, and Operations (open): This group is designed to inspire and prepare business process owners in the construction industry, so they can succeed in their digital transformation by leveraging SAP best practices.  
  • Customer COE (open): This group allows members to share and exchange knowledge about how an SAP expert team on the customer side can bring value through collaboration with LOBs. 

If you'd like to participate in one (or both!), make sure to click the big blue "Join Group" button at the top of the landing page for each group. You'll see the button as soon as you click the links above. 

While we didn't have any new location groups last month, we have four currently in the works for these cities: 

  • Krakow, Poland 
  • Mexico City, Mexico 
  • Stuttgart, Germany 
  • Thessaloniki, Greece 

We also have a new interest group in development -- for Pride@SAP. 

Check back in December for a new update…or better, yet, subscribe to this What's New feed so you'll receive a notification when we announce November's groups -- as well as all announcements related to the migration. It's easy! Just go to https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/what-s-new/bg-p/whats-new, select Options, and click Subscribe. And don't forget to personalize your Notification Settings so you get updates when and how you like them!