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Where is the dark theme?

Active Contributor

Ok, the new community looks quite nice. But where is the DARK THEME?
I've looked around in the settings and searched for it but I havn't found the option to enable a dark theme.

In these days a dark theme is a standard. Have i missed it?


Active Contributor

Try "Dark Reader" browser extension.

It is must have for me 🙂 Using it few years already and can recommend.

-- Tomas --

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@Tomas_BuryanekI have dark reader in place but I don't like the idea that a closed source plugin can track all my activities on the internet. That said I would like to delete dark reader plugin from my browser but it's hard if some websites I regularly use don't support dark mode.

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It is open source used by many and often recommended by trustful sources. I would not worry about using it.

I am afraid it is best solution until all major websites will have build in dark mode. Or maybe it will soon became build in function in browsers? 🙂

-- Tomas --

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @htammen:

We're going to talk to the vendor about getting this featured added.

Kind regards,


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