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Welcome to all!!!

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What a great place to come for a quick break and to read about some new people!    Can I add a new request?...  Ha!   Does my keyboard have keys?   What have you or are you enjoying in the community?

For me...   I tend to get excited here so feel free to skip!

Short story: Someone who gets it!  I get to "chat" with like minded, crazy people.   You know - you!   The one who loves/hates working with SAP.

Deep breath - Long story:

  • New contacts
  • Reputation 
  • Questions asked / Questions answered
  • Blogs - both reading and when I have time writing them,
  • Learning about new capabilities.
  • Reading enough to come up with a new idea.
  • Short cuts - some dang good utility code - usually pointed to github - but a quick link away.
  • Same fun question asked in different places / what do  you like?  I never answer the exactly same answer.  I'm sure of it.
  • Events coming up
  • Tutorials
  • Groups - here I come to take a breath.  Decompose and just enjoy reading.  It's a nice break without needing to write a huge blog.


I'm so glad you checked in,


OH - and me I'm from the small town of Hickory Corners in MI in the US on Earth in the universe...   

I've been "here" forever and a day.   Back when they called it SDN.   I love to see all the growth.