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New or not to the SAP Community, share your story!

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

For some of us the SAP Community started off way back in 2003/2004 as the SAP Developer Network (SDN). Later after the Business Objects Community and others merged together it became the SAP Community Network (SCN) - then in 2016 it simply became the SAP Community.

I've personally seen a lot of changes to the environment over all these years but one thing has always remained constant - this is a place where you can come to ask questions, meet others and exchange knowledge.

Over the years we've had things like "Blog it Forward" that let people introduce themselves to each other. We've also had over the years forum threads and things like that to say hello.

We've even created some tutorials to help new comers as well as those like myself take more advantage of the community. Have you taken these 4 tutorials?

  • Tour the SAP Community, Explore the various features of SAP Community, familiarize yourself with community guidelines, discover how to get the most out of your membership, and earn the Tour the Community badge.
  • Ask and Answer Questions on SAP Community, Want to ask questions on SAP Community, but not sure how to start? This tutorial will help you get to know the Questions and Answers section, processes and guidelines, so you can more easily gain and share knowledge.
  • Writing and Publishing Blog Posts on SAP Community, By taking this tutorial, you'll discover how to prepare and manage your blog posts on SAP Community, get tips for better blogging, and learn how to interact with readers. You'll also earn the Blogging Savvy badge.
  • Update and Maintain Your SAP Profile at people.sap.com, By taking this tutorial, you'll explore, set up, and manage the sections of your SAP profile (people.sap.com). You'll also earn the Profile Savvy badge.

Would you be willing to introduce yourself to your fellow community members here?

Me? Well I started my path into the SAP way back in 2002/2003 when my company told me to learn it so I could install it when I cam back from my project in Germany. I'm sure some noticed the odd bit about that statement. Needless to say I dove in and as luck would have it, SAP had just launched their beta of a Community (SDN) so coming from a web application background I felt at home to go figure things out.

@Former Member Was actually one of the first people who helped me to figure things out, my question asking left a lot to be desired as I had no clue about terminology or anything else in the SAP world. Then it was a post by @qmacro about RSS and RFC's that really got me more comfortable and then I just went crazy sharing my experiences and learnings via the blog posts.

I started a series on BSP and "mini WAS" - 

I even presented at my first SAP TechEd event.

BoF, TechEd Munich ’04 – RSS, HTTP and BSP

So it's been a crazy start into the SAP world that resulted in me getting a job with SAP, learning that you don't just "install it" 😉 and now I have the pleasure of trying to help others day to day!

Start your own thread or reply here, what's your story? Who are you?

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Hallo Herr Parker,

ADOBE AIF MEDRUCK_PO gehört zu Bestellung, PurchaseOrder

Wenn man dies mit dem Standarddruckprogramm, Routine ENTRY_PDF an eine Bestell-Nachrichtenart hängt und druckt, hat man diese unschönen Effekte.

Auf Englisch wohl eher nicht, hier steht ja „DATE“, was ein Zeichen kürzer ist.


Heike Harnack

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I can share what seems like the end of my story. I'm writing this from my S-linked account to https://people.sap.com/matthew.billingham

Recently had trouble logging in with a password request. However, the password (for my P account) stored in my keepass vault wasn't accepted. So I requested a password reset. That was sent to my old email address ....@yireh.ch
Thing is, last year, I requested that email address be replaced with my gmail.com address - as yireh.ch was soon to expire as a domain. I received notification this had been done. I even have that email!


Only now, when I seek help from itsm.notification-service@sap.com, they tell me it wasn't done. And my email address (required to reset the password) can't be changed. So no password reset for me!

I argued that, hey, look at my s-account. Clearly linked to that p-account. It's obviously mine. You can see it's mine. Here - look at the JSON download of my account - it shows we're one and the same.
Nope. "Our policy has changed".

I can still access my Universal SAP Id, but it appears my P account is forever inaccessible.


Active Participant

Looks like a horrible case of "Schach Matt", unfortunately.
Why is that all too often, companies introduce some "abstract improvement", which introduces new efforts for users to adapt to this, and in the rare case you think you at least are going to take advantage of this enhancement, it apparently wasn't one?

Active Contributor

Well, it's gone to 2nd level support, so here's hoping! 😀

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, Matt,

Are your s-user and p-user accounts already linked to your Universal ID account (email)?
If you have both of them linked, then logging to Community with the UID account should allow you to select with which user you want to interact with the Community, so you wouldn't need to enter the P-user's password.

Also when you'll receive the 2nd level response, please share. We'll see what can be done in case their response will come negative.

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So, yes, they're linked. And prior to all this shenanigans, I could just choose which to log in with. 

Thanks for your support. Hopefully second level can sort it out. I'm a bit annoyed that my request for email address wasn't carried out,  I was really surprised to see my old email address come up!

Active Contributor

Woo hoo! I'm back again. I've not had a response from 2nd level, but I saw your DM to me, clicked on the link, logged in and then I had to verify my email via a link.

Maybe 2nd level did something and haven't told me yet! 

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step 1 - chrome, delete all sap.com cookies
step 2 - answers.sap.com, click on the little empty person icon
step 3 - ooo, there's a certificate. But I don't want that, because that's my S-id, so cancel


step 4 - Log on form: enter my universal account email
step 5 - prompted for my password, which, in fact, while mucking around with this, I've changed to make sure that I really really know what it is. No doubt!
step 6 - password rejected... click on reset password - no email received (it's going to my old email address)
step 7 - go to accounts.sap.com login with the credentials I know
step 8 - accounts. my s-account email is shown, and my old p-account email is shown, that I requested nearly a year ago be changed because the domain expires.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, Matt,

Can you reach out to me via DM here or on the messages.sap.com, I want to check your UID and accounts.sap.com data to understand why that is happening, but I'd need your email (old and new) and / or p and s user numbers.


Vladimir Gershanov

Active Contributor

And this is the real me. 🙂


I've just seen that my first and only contribution to SAP Community dates back to 2002. 

Due to my time-consuming tasks in the SAP Works Council (2006 - 2022) there is obviously a small gap in my "SAP Community" history. I will try to catch up. 

Community Administrator
Community Administrator
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We look forward to seeing you more 🙂

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello everyone  I started my sap career following up the SCN Community, especially Finance and have grown up ultimately joining SAP LABS in 2017. It has been one hell of a journey with support & guidance from lot of people on the community. Looking forward to many more years 

Sanil Bhandari


I am Abhishek Agrawal, CMO of Design’N’Buy. My experience working with print service providers from all verticals in the past decade or so has bolstered my business acumen and made my management capabilities more efficient.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everyone!

My name is Moshe Naveh and I'm an SAP Community Advocate, a part of the SAP Community & Influencers team at SAP.

I'm based in Israel. I have many hobbies such as: dancing, carpentry from recycled wood, Cooking, Listening to good movies, reading and travelling. The best part is when I'm able to combine two things that I love:):


I joined the SAP Community in 2009 and it has been an amazing journey since. Meeting and working with people from all over the world was and is really enriching. One of things I enjoyed the most was the Blog It Forward challenge. It was fascinating virtually travelling around the world, getting to know different cultures, places and above all the people behind this amazing community.

Looking forward to meet more of you via this thread as well:)

Be sure to check out SAP TechEd 2022

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Beautiful area you are living in! Cute children 😊

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I have been to Israel. Beautiful places in Haifa, amazing beach in Tel-Aviv, and history in Jeruselam 🙂

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi community! 
I've joined the community team several years ago and really happy still that I did because there's no day that I am not inspired by all the people here sharing expertise and experience with one another. I studied business administration and actually started with SAP as a working student. I'm convinced that you never stop learning no matter if you're a beginner or an expert. I'm looking forward to connect with many more here in the SAP Community! 🙂

@mynynachau  so, so true!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi hi, 

Well, where do I start ... where does my SAP story start? Potentially with my studies in Mannheim back what feels ages ago: I studied English Linguistics and Business at the University of Mannheim. During my studies I started as a working student in the SAP S/4HANA Finance Marketing team and later on (after my studies) in the area of Global Sponsorships.
I am part of the SAP Community team since summer 2020. I find it interesting to work within various topic areas and the respective products, different product teams and customers & partners from all around the world. I like the fact, that the community is a place where everyone can get answers to questions and share what one learned and experienced while working with SAP products and SAP related topics. 

My personal highlight was and is the SAP TechEd experience that I was attending in 2020 & 2021 in Frankfurt where we streamed Channel 1: 


Very exciting time and I loved how the community shared their own SAP TechEd experience before, during, and after the event. The best thing is ... SAP TechEd is just around the corner! 

Join or subscribe to SAP Community Groups to stay up-to-date, including SAP TechEd Group.

Oh yeah, I can imagine SAP TechEd 2020 (and 2021) being your highlight 😃

Thanks for sharing @lenastodal 

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

All right, let’s share my story here as well! Surely, I have already posted a #blogitforward post in 2020 so if you really wanna find out more about me, check it out.

I think I shared this story so many times on different SAP Inside Tracks but maybe it’s worth writing it down 😉

I came to SAP in 2000. I worked as an assistant for 17 years. During all these years I was always searching for something within SAP, which could really inspire me. I am not quite a technical person, so I found it challenging. Maybe that was the reason, why I stuck so many years to my assistant role, no matter if it was a team-, personal- or management-assistant. When I came to SAP Community in 2017, I was first supporting the (now former) manager of the community as an assistant, what else. Fastly, I was involved in tasks throughout my usual assistant tasks, and I was loving it! The time for change was coming to me… and I grabbed it! 😊

I can honestly say I found my passion in SAP Community. Getting together with so many people from all around the world, helping and supporting each other. I'll love it! You’ll find it also in my spare time because still, I am giving my Cardio, Yoga and Meditation classes. Aren’t these communities as well? 😁

I had so many highlights in these years in the SAP Community as you can imagine! But being part of this great crowd on stage at SAP TechEd Barcelona in 2017 was my key experience. That was the first time I met all the passionate, mostly external, community members. I was absolutely thrilled about their passion! That burned into my mind and I will never forget! 😊


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@sveabecker Nice story and I definitely miss seeing you in person! 

You are an inspiration for me to exercise too.

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Thank you, Tammy 😊

I miss seeing you, too. These were so wonderful days...

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi everyone! 😊

I’d also like to take the opportunity to share my story with SAP. During my studies in International Management, I have already naturally heard a lot about SAP as the market leader in enterprise application software and even gave a presentation about the company in one of my modules. One year later, in summer 2018, I started as a working student in the area of Knowledge Transfer and Education in St. Ingbert, Germany, focusing on a machine translation project.

Last year, I then became part of the SAP Community team as an SAP Community Advocate focusing on community engagement. I am very happy to be part of such an amazing team and was fascinated from the beginning by the SAP Community, the interactions, the expertise sharing and supporting of one another and all the inspiring people I got to know on the way so far.

My personal highlight in the first year of being part of the team was the SAP Inside Track in the Netherlands where I was joined by my colleagues @mynynachau,@sveabecker@lenastodal and @Katherine_K. That was the moment when I finally got to enjoy in person the community spirit that I experience every day online. 😊


 Join us virtually or in person this year. Register for SAP TechEd 2022!

Really great that you got the opportunity to join on SAP Inside Track at least once this year! The spirit is unique! 😃

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Lovely ladies hard at community work!!

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello fellow community members!

My name is Katherine Kenneally and I’m an SAP Community Advocate. I joined the community team in March this year (2022) – so you could say I’m relatively new here – but I’ve been working with SAP since 2006. I’ve worked in various roles at SAP, including my previous role as a learning consultant. I started off my career as a software developer, so it’s interesting that I’ve sort of come full circle and back amongst tech-minded people once again – this time as an advocate for our wonderful community!

They say that every day is a learning day – and we are blessed to have so many members here willing to share their expertise with one another. You really can learn something new each time you visit the community, and to have Groups now and to really get to “meet” people brings exactly the kind of community spirit we need.

We all know what a huge global company SAP is. I’m based in Galway in Ireland and work virtually with my team members around the globe. Already this year I got to travel to an SAP Inside Track event in the Netherlands and meet some great people at that event as well as some of my new team members who were also attending. I love to travel and to meet new people, so this was win-win for me. In my spare time I like hillwalking, photography, playing and listening to music, watching great movies, and meeting up with friends.

I’m looking forward to connecting with and hearing from more of you going forward 😊

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Active Participant

What's my story? Who am I?

I was born in 1978 in Istanbul and grew up in a very nice neighborhood in Istanbul.

I studied computer field in high school and university. Then, after working in a few companies, I started to work as a .NET Developer in a large company. Then I moved to the SAP field and started to work as ABAP developer.

I have been working as ABAP developer since 2007/2008. After working in Latvia for a year, I moved to Norway in 2020.

ABAP is a part of my life. I feel bad when I don't write ABAP 🙂

My biggest goal is to simplify the business processes of my customers. And in doing so, I put myself in their shoes.

I also use many applications and rightly complain when I see unexpected errors or when the process is interrupted. That's why I, as a developer, try to write good code so that my customers don't think the same things. Not only for customers, also for other developers. Well not only for developers, also for the machines.

While developing, I consider a lot of things like user friendly interface, functionality, and error checking etc. I try to write not only to save the day, but also to think ahead.

That's why I have only one single statement describes my work

* * *

"Writes clean and efficient codes for humans to read and for machines to execute."


Hello Everyone!

Before I came across this intro section and its opportunity to share a bit about myself I already answered this pretty cool question: "When did you hear about SAP for the first time?"

My answer is an intro in itself:

As to the best of my knowledge, my answer is to be found during my university studies at FH Munich, when I had to decide for an internship 1997. All I really wanted is to spend this time in China. Can you imagine? 1997 in China? Different world altogether...

I made it work (well, a fellow student did) that I got the chance to fly to Chengdu, China to support a SAP implementation for a joint venture of Siemens with a local fibre optical cable manufacturer (Corning).

I was part of a core team with a few German SAP experts from Siemens headquarter who flew in to install the software and stayed a whole month (!!!) for training sessions out of binders which could fill an entire bookshelf...

It changed my world!

SAP became the "flag" I carried with me - until today. My very first job after finishing university studies? A SAP implementation at an aircraft manufacturer. The second (and third and fourth)? SAP consultant in the automotive sector. Next? SAP employment with SAP China for 11 years. 

SAP - you not only allowed me to see the world, you helped me find my wife (no, not a SAP employee...) and made me (at least professionally) who I am today - a Digital Transformation Advisor. 

I feel eternally grateful! Thank you, SAP!



Hi all,

it needed 20 years for me to join SAP community. Now I'm happy to be here.

I'm working for a DMS company in Vienna/Austria since 2000 and responsible for all SAP interfaces to our product since 2002. We are certified for ArchiveLink and ILM interface. During the years I improved my skills in customizing ArchiveLink and also in ABAP programming in FI and MM environment.

The next step is certification for CMIS in S/4 HANA public cloud. At the moment I'm struggling to find support for a test environment in the SAP cloud. I got a hint for „#8012331 Cloud test, demo, and development for SAP S/4HANA Cloud per Price list“, but I'm not sure, if I'm able to use it as our company is not joining the SAP Partner program. Any help to get further I appreciate.

Br, Norbert


Hi everybody,

it´s great to find a active community. Hope I can help others and learn from others.




Hi everybody,

hope I can help and learn from others here. Im strong interested in the area of SAP and security.

My start to SAP was a project in 2001  with a 4.6c System.  

So if you have a nice story in the security area, please share with me.🔐


Active Contributor

Hello Community,

Have written Blog on "My Journey on SAP Community"


Please share your comments or feedback.

Best Regards,
Neeraj Jain

Active Contributor

More than two years ago I wrote this blog post about my 20th anniversary with SAP. Yep, you're right I contacted the SAP universe in 2000 and I'm SAP community member since 2003. If you want to know the details read the blog.

Although I'm not the youngest community member I never lost my curiosity for news in the world of software. 
There were years when I thought that SAP ecosystem would not be the best place to satisfy this curiosity but at least the last years were amazing.

One greatest things about SAP community for me is that you see many of the same faces even after many, many years again and again at the online and offline events.

That said I shut this statement with my Kudos for SAP community and with the hope that I will be another ten years one of your's.  

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello Helmut ( @htammen ),
Thanks for sharing. Almost the same here, I joined SAP in 2000 and my community entry says October 2002:


But I have to admit, I was "only" active since I joined the community team in 2016! 😅 (Reason: it wasn't typical to be part of SAP Community in my previous role.)

I agree, it's great to see people around here, no matter if they simply stayed or came back. It oftentimes feels like a big great family! So I am glad to see you here as well 😊

Best, Svea

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Hi...I am Abhishek, happy to join the SAP community.

Great to have you here @abhishekd! Feel free to take part in other discussions or even start one of your own!

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Active Contributor

My story dates back to year 2008, had heard about SAP from a colleague of mine and attended the ABAP training out of curiosity. During the training I stumbled upon internal tables and I was like this is crazy, you can declare a whole table as a type. Please don't laugh 😛 the best I knew then was data structures link list, queues, arrays from native language like C++ . The journey never stopped, 15 years later now having worked on SAP EPM suite of products like BPC, SAC across industries, every day of SAP life has been vibrant. I still remember searching  SDN forums for resolution and queries and I must say I always found some help. As my previous boss used to say searching for solutions in SDN is also an art. Last Year I started my active journey within SAP Analytics Community as a contributor. All these years I was seeking help but now I started helping on the forums. I was surprised that in less than a year I completed 60% of my Grand Master solver status along with top leaderboard for consecutive 12 months. I did not expect my journey to get so fast paced but I learned so much during it. Somebody rightly said helping others is one of the best ways to learn and compound your knowledge. Answering on SAP Analytics Community has become like a hobby for me and I want to continue helping anyone I can in their SAC journey. So all those working on SAC Analytics or SAC Planning projects do reach out in case you need any help. 

SAP profile: https://people.sap.com/nikhil_1486

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikhil-anand-26091934

SAC Community:https://community.sap.com/topics/cloud-analytics

Wishing everyone the very Best in their incredible SAP journey.

Thanks to all contributors who made SDN and now SAC community vibrant and resourceful.



@N1kh1l we appreciate all of your efforts in the Community to help others. SAC is a really cool product that eveyrone in business can relate!

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