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Hello to all !


I would like to greet and congratulate everyone within our community.  I will be describing my daily activities, sharing some personal data to show transparency and trust. As i believe Coffee-Hub is the startup place for our members to understand what the other  officially introducing my self, in both professional, personal activities. 


I currently working as an AP / GL accountant, Started using  SAP Fiory, may 2021. Starting as an AP,  later on upgraded my SAP package to add GL accountant for F50 tcodes. Mainly responsible for Off-Cycle payments, which is all employee related transactions, that is not related to Pay role. Such as; EOSB, vacation advance, education, and housing, as well as responsible person within the finance team side for the sap product concur BTR cash advances, and expense settlements. Having the role of Reviewer first, then processor. And there was a time i have been both. Which we experienced in a crucial timing with proper configurations from our IT department. Finally Having only general user knowledge on HCM module. I consider my self completing entry level, and at my first steps of entering mid-career stage. Having total experience of 3 years.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Is my hometown.  And have just turned 28YO, completed BSBA in finance from  YU university back in 2018. Almost completing my masters, online from an abroad university. owner of MKMS institution for real estate services. Certified Ejar broker, offering electronic contracts as personal business. English teacher, and finally as online opportunities increased at pace we might never experience before  due to advanced technology investments, and having the global pandemic COVID-19.  Writer, and soon to be author as my first book will soon be published featuring my GSD dog, snoopy. short story to increase animal awareness targeting audience of all ages. The story is written by me, but as if i was thinking, and acting as if i was him. Trying to observe his emotions through his reactions, eyes, barks, etc.. I felt i had a very close bond with snoop more than any one else in my whole living life. Book name will not be addressed to avoid any suspicious attempts of any sort of advertisement.


I am really happy i joined the community and seeing my first badge and completed a beginners course was something special to me. Looking forward to complete further courses to increase my overall knowledge during these crucial update times. My goal here is to help any one i could, adding and potentially creating value to community. 

Any one with relevant field of SAP FI with similar like transactions  and Concur as i have knowledge as administration user  fin processor and fin reviewer. Can freely approach me for any discussions, questions, and inquiries. I am here to learn and coach both mentioned products only. 



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Community Advocate
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Welcome @AlSaawi1 to SAP Community and thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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